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Nkosana Moyo denies sugarcane bait

SURPRISE 2018 presidential aspirant and world renowned economist, Nkosana Moyo has denied his recent sugarcane eating stance was an attempt to hoodwink poor locals into the false belief he was one of their own.

Nkosana Moyo eating sugarcane
Nkosana Moyo eating sugarcane

As former World Bank senior staffer and executive in some of the world’s most renowned financial institutions, Moyo has dined with the rich and mighty and has graced the most glitzy of events in the globe’s most affluent backgrounds.

With such impressive CV, he returned home recently to throw his hat into the presidential ring with a lot of awed Zimbabweans not thinking twice about their intentions to vote for him.

In an apparent bid to link with the riff-raff, Zimbabwe’s former Industry and International Trade Minister was pictured recently in the most unusual of stances, chewing sugarcane as he hit the campaign trail in one of the most less privileged areas in the country.

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Asked during a Friday meeting with Harare youths on whether the sugarcane incident was an attempt to lure those who thought he was an untouchable snob, Moyo was at pains to deny the beliefs.

“No, no, I grew up where there was a lot of sugarcane and I was also once a board member of Triangle (Sugar Limited),” he said.

Moyo said he had a less privileged upbringing like the rest and worked harder to earn the profile that he has.