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Return of yesteryear … at Club Iridium

They made waves in their heyday and their names occupy memorable slots in the chapters of the local music history. They have been away from the radar, but now they have remembered their old followers.

Kireni Zulu (centre) poses for a picture with Mitchell Jambo (left) and Jonah Moyo (right) after their arrival from South Africa
Kireni Zulu (centre) poses for a picture with Mitchell Jambo (left) and Jonah Moyo (right) after their arrival from South Africa

Yesteryear stars Jonah Moyo and Mitchell Jambo – now based in South Africa – landed in the country on Wednesday for a “Legends” show that takes place tomorrow at Club Iridium in the city centre.

Formerly known as Jazz 105 or Jazz 24 /7, the joint has hosted musicians of different genres and it is now time to go down memory lane.

To add glitter to the event, other singers of yesteryear hits Job Mashanda and Elijah Madzikatire will be part of the show that is being organised by Kireni Zulu who is also set to perform on the night. It is likely to be an eventful night as Moyo leads his Deverangwena Jazz Band through performances of hits like “Solo naMutsai”, “Wangu P” and “Gremmer Wepamoyo”.

Jambo will take his Marunga Brothers on a voyage down the yesteryear terrain with songs like “Ndini Uyo”, “Vimbiso”and “Asi Chii Nhai?”.

Mashanda has not been active in music for a long time and his return should steer memories among mature music followers that know the magic that the talented musician worked with timeless classic “Amai Mandigona”.

Then throw in actor-cum-musician Madzikatire in the equation and the journey to the land of old hits becomes fascinating. Madzikatire usually does his late father Mukadota’s songs in addition to his own compositions like “Vana Tinogumbura” and “Mhoro Doro”.

Show organiser Zulu will bring a comic feel to the show since he is known for rib-cracking acts that have made his shows hilarious.

He is likely to play songs that include “Dzinga Vana”, “Murume” and “Ndichakuvaraidza” that are known for keeping fans on their feet and spiced up with intermittent comic lyrics and chants. It has been a long time since a show bringing together yesteryear hitmakers has been done and it is likely to be a memorable night.

Club Iridium manager Yasin Dhala said they are honoured to host a show that is set to bring back memories of the old days of merrymaking.

“These are guys that rocked the music scene many years ago and some youngsters do not know them, but most mature listeners have had a feeling of their songs.

Some attended their shows and it will be time to retrace steps. People should come and see how these guys did it some years back,” said Yasini. The Herald