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Psychology of Confusion: Charamba vs Maziwisa… WHO is telling the truth?

By Lance Guma

President Robert Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba and Zanu PF’s Deputy Director of Information Psychology Maziwisa appeared to contradict each other after the Zanu PF leader was stripped of the goodwill ambassadorship of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

President Mugabe with Zanu PF spin-doctor Psychology Maziwisa
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The 93-year-old Zanu PF leader was controversially appointed to role sparking fierce criticism that the decision was an insult given his poor human rights record. Some even pointed to the fact that Mugabe sought treatment abroad while his people suffered poor health care facilities back home.

Writing on Twitter on Saturday soon after the appointment, spindoctor Maziwisa was however gloating saying;  “Just finished an interview with the during which I emphasised just how proud we are that President Mugabe was appointed WHO ambassador.”

On Monday, speaking to the state owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, Charamba was singing a different tune saying WHO had never approached Mugabe and even if they had Mugabe “would not have taken the offer because the UN agency is at the forefront of the anti-tobacco lobby.”

While Maziwisa was gloating about the appointment, Charamba chose to go technical, arguing due process was not followed and so Mugabe was never appointed. “Nothing was ever communicated to the President and the whole furore about the WHO rescinding the appointment is a nullity.”

Mugabe’s spokesman is reported telling the ZBC “the whole saga is a creation of the non-governmental organisations that do not like Mugabe.” Nehanda Radio