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Man places corpse in tenant’s room

By Siphathisiwe Tshuma

A defaulting tenant got a rude awakening from her landlord who put a corpse in her rented room.

Landlord: Thamu Sibanda in Bulawayo’s Old Luveve suburb
Landlord: Thamu Sibanda in Bulawayo’s Old Luveve suburb

Grace Rave who rents a room from Thamu Sibanda in Bulawayo’s Old Luveve suburb had not paid for two months.

She then came home from church to find a dead man on the floor while her seven-year-old child was sleeping on the bed, not aware of what had happened.

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“I was shocked when I found the house full of mourners. I thought maybe something had happened to my son but I was surprised to find a dead man inside my room,” said Rave.

It turned out it was the corpse of one Charlie Tembo, an old man who had attended a party hosted by Sibanda at the house. He is said to have died while in the toilet relieving himself.

After he died, a police report was made, but since the police took long to come, Sibanda decided to put the corpse in his non-rent-paying tenant’s room.

“I was right to place the corpse in her room because it was too hot outside and Rave had not paid rent in two months.

Therefore, we cannot say the room was hers,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda added that after the police took the body, neighbours helped clean the room. However, Rave has since decided to leave the house because she “can’t deal” with that.

“Sibanda and his family knew what they were doing when they placed a corpse inside my room. I am starting to think that maybe they wanted to put the whole blame on me,” said Rave.

Tembo has since been buried. B Metro