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Granny exposes sex-crazed hubby

By Gibson Mhaka

An elderly woman told the Bulawayo Civil Court that her aged husband had an abnormal sexual appetite.

Mjuza Agrippa Khumalo (left) and Gogo Nhlalo Khumalo (right)
Mjuza Agrippa Khumalo (left) and Gogo Nhlalo Khumalo (right)

Nhlalo Khumalo’s husband Mjuza Agrippa Khumalo (73) allegedly brings his girlfriend home in her presence for some action packed overnight encounters.

Nhlalo who was seeking a protection order said her husband became abusive three years ago after she discovered that he had a girlfriend.

“My husband Mjuza Agrippa Khumalo who I have nine children with is abusive. He is always verbally and physically harassing me. The abuse started three years ago when I discovered that he had a girlfriend.

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“It was also after I had decided to move back to Bulawayo from our rural home where I had been staying all along.

“My husband was however, disgruntled by the decision to come and stay in Bulawayo and as punishment he is now physically and verbally abusing me while also accusing me of disturbing their relationship. At one time he slapped me on the face before violently pushing me to the floor,” said Gogo MaKhumalo.

She further narrated that she was now living in fear that her husband might kill her because of his constant abuse since she was now of old age.

In response, Khulu Mjuza who disputed the abuse accusations however, remained tight-lipped on philandering allegations.

“She is the one who always assaults me. I am a humble man and my wife is the one who is talkative,” said Khulu Mjuza.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure, however, granted a reciprocal order in which she compelled both parties to keep peace with each other. B Metro