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Is Killer T a hit man?

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Award winning Mbare based Zimdancehall chanter Kelvin Kusikwenyu affectionately known as Killer T has continued to skyrocket each time he releases a song.

Both musician Killer T and promoter King Alfred won an award each on the night
Both musician Killer T and promoter King Alfred won an award each at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards in London

Known for a signature gun sound, “po po po”, which is usually part of his songs, Killer T is one artiste whose music has remained consistent whether it is an album or single. His tunes have always been hits and sing-alongs in the ghetto suburbs where he is popular.

They have also become trendy in the other side of the town. This is good and expected of an artiste but still the question on everyone lips’ is that, is he the hit man of Zimdancehall music?

For those who don’t understand and know what a hit man is, according dictionary.com , a hit man is an assassin, professional killer. In this sense, being an “assassin” is not anyway related to his persona, but it is being referred to his music, of which he sings with a passion and hits the heart with the message.

Songs like “Nhema” which he collaborated with Ex Q has become household tunes in most houses, parties and even commuter omnibuses where they are getting fair share of airplay.

Some of his popular songs include “Bvunza Tinzwe”, “Takangodaro”, “Vagara Vanovenga” and “Handina Mufaro”. He is among a list of local artistes whose albums have hit songs and are never boring.

However, his fans do not understand what happens to him when it comes to awards season. Is it the fans who backstab him or he is simply not popular enough to garner enough votes to earn him accolades?

However though good hit songs, some music critics also said he is somehow following suit on his homeboy, Soul Jah Love who is failing to impress many on live shows. In an interview with his manager, Kudzai Biston affectionately known as “Supa” said his artiste was still a force to reckon with.

“Killer T has remained strong because he writes his own songs and it comes from within his heart. He writes with a passion and the good thing why he is on top and as is one of his secret is that, he sings on current issues especially in the ghetto where his fan base is. He sings what he sees and hears and sometimes the lyrics give solutions to life, pointing to the problem first,” he said.

Commenting on issue of live shows, where he is being labelled as “lazy”, Supa said it was impossible to impress everyone.

“I am just surprised by some people who say that my artiste is not good at live shows. It is difficult not to impress everyone, by the way. Their method is not our method,” he said.

Supa said that fans should look forward to some major hits before year end.

“Killer T is in studio now and you need to watch out for the singles coming soon. There are no more international shows until next year as we now focusing on Zimbabwe shows,” he said. The Herald

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