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Breach of promise to marry attracts $47k lawsuit

By Mashudu Netsianda

A HEART-BROKEN woman from Bulawayo has approached the courts suing her abusive ex-boyfriend demanding nearly $50 000 for allegedly breaching a promise to marry and “wasting” her time.

File picture of a black couple fighting
File picture of a black couple fighting

Ms Mandiedza Joana Mushonga is also accusing her ex-lover Alan Dube, an engineer at Zesa, of ganging up with another woman to assault her.

Ms Mushonga fell for Dube four years ago after he had promised to marry her.

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In papers filed at the Bulawayo High Court, Ms Mushonga cited Dube as the defendant in the matter.

Ms Mushonga, who is a self-actor, said she felt embarrassed and humiliated after she caught her man in the company of another woman.

Ms Mushonga wants $47 050 for breach of promise to marry and damages for emotional and physical abuse and money for the damage of her cellphone during the assault.

“Sometime in June 2013, I accepted an explicit love proposal from the defendant on the understanding that we would marry and have a white wedding. However, on 21 September this year, the defendant conducted himself in a flagrant breach of justice and love such that he caused me great embarrassment and indignity after finding him with a girlfriend,” she said.

Ms Mushonga said Dube teamed up with his girlfriend and they assaulted her.

“Dube and his girlfriend assaulted me with a wire mesh and punched me on the head before pushing me onto the windscreen of a car. I am still on medication after sustaining injuries,” she said.

Ms Mushonga said her cellphone worth $100 was damaged during the attack. She has approached the magistrate’s court seeking a protection order against Dube.

“I have also opened a case of assault against Dube at the Bulawayo Central Police Station and police are investigating,” she said.

Ms Mushonga said her ex-lover has through his actions reduced her prospects of having a “normal” future marriage and humiliated her before her parents and peers.

“The defendant’s actions have reduced my prospects of having a normal future marriage, which has been diminished because for the past four years all my professional and social associates have known me as the future wife of the defendant.

“Dube has taken away my pride as a woman and left me embarrassed and humiliated before my parents, professional peers and the community,” she said.

Ms Mushonga said despite breaching the agreement, Moyo has not shown any remorse for his actions. The Chronicle