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DStv slashes monthly subscriptions

MultiChoice Zimbabwe yesterday announced a major decrease of DStv subscription prices and launched a new, affordable, entry level package unique to the local market to be known as DStv Lite.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe
MultiChoice Zimbabwe

The price decrease and the launch of the new bouquet will be effective today.

The reduction is the second one MultiChoice has undertaken in the past two years, having undertaken the first one in November 2016.

The new subscriptions will be as follows, Premium $65 down from $72, Compact Plus $40 from $47 and Compact $25 from $28. Subscription prices for Family ($17) and Access (11) will however remain the same with the new package – DStv Lite set to cost $7.

While some were expecting prices to go up, DStv reviewed their prices down likely after discovering the challenges people were facing making payments because of the economic situation and unavailability of foreign currency.

“We recognise that our customers are living in tough economic times and would like to alleviate their financial strain by providing them with the best in local and international entertainment at the best possible value,” said MultiChoice Zimbabwe marketing manager, Gerald Ngonyama.

Also, the coming of Kwese, though it is still to be licenced to broadcast locally, might have sent MultiChoice into panic mode as the Kwese bouquets will be very cheap compared to DStv’s rates. The Chronicle