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Zodwa controversy boosted Carnival: Kaseke

By Vasco Chaya

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), which organised the recently held Harare International Carnival, has attributed the big turnout partly to controversial South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu.

Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu

ZTA chief executive Karikoga Kaseke told journalists in Harare on Monday that thousands of people came from all over the country hoping see the Durban-based socialite.

“Apart from the peaceful environment, we also attribute this tremendous growth of the event to the controversy that surrounded Zodwa as many people including women attended the event anticipating seeing her,” said Kaseke.

Zodwa was initially scheduled to take part in the Carnival but was barred by the Board of Censors from participating on the basis that her signature look— short dress with no panties — would violate the country’s laws, especially the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act (Chapter 10: 04) section 16.

The Board of Censors later approved an application by Devine Assignments to bring Zodwa to grace events at Private Lounge in Harare and Club 263 in Mutare.

But Zodwa cancelled the trip to Zimbabwe at the eleventh hour.

Meanwhile, Kaseke has revealed that the fourth edition of the Harare International Carnival which ran between September 1 and 10 was crowned Africa’s best carnival by an organisation based in the United Kingdom (UK).

“Our recently held fourth edition of Harare International Carnival was ranked as the best carnival in Africa by an organisation based in the UK called Sacrotis,” he said, adding that the event was largely peaceful despite the huge turnout.

“The 10-day event attracted hundreds of thousands participants but no reports of skirmishes were recorded save for what happened when fans were demanding Soul Jah Love to perform on the last day.

“We have attributed the success of the event to peace and tranquillity that is prevailing in the country. Imagine we only had 60 police officers controlling the big crowds. Zimbabweans have proved that they do not need anyone to control them; they are disciplined,” Kaseke said. Daily News