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Shock as stomach ache drives 33-year-old man to suicide

By Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu

A 33-year-old Mangwe man reportedly hanged himself in his uncle’s bedroom hut after complaining of stomach pains.

Chief Wasi said Thobekani Nleya, who is from Ngwanyana area which falls under his area of jurisdiction, committed suicide on Monday at his uncle’s farm in a neighbouring village.

“There is a man from Ngwanyana area who committed suicide while he was at his uncle’s farm which is in a neighbouring village.

“His uncle found Thobekani hanging by a rope from the roof of his bedroom hut on Monday afternoon. Thobekani had been complaining of severe stomach pains before he committed suicide and he was set to seek medical attention,” he said.

The village head of the area, Mr Power Dube, said Thobekani left his home over the weekend and went to visit his uncle, Mr Kennas Nleya, at Water Ven Subdivision Six Farm.

He said Thobekani started complaining of stomach pains on Sunday and on Monday his condition worsened.

Mr Dube said Mr Nleya advised his nephew to go to the hospital.

He said Thobekani first insisted on resting for a short while before he could seek medical help.

“Thobekani parted ways with his uncle as he went to sleep in his uncle’s bedroom hut. After several hours Mr Nleya went on to check on him as he was supposed to go to hospital.

“Mr Nleya found his nephew hanging by a rope from the roof and he alerted neighbours about what had transpired,” he said.The Chronicle