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Dear President Robert Mugabe

By Jean Gasho | Just Jean |

Sometime last year I sat with my Ghanaian family who was praising you for being a real role model for Africa. At that time, I sat with them as a Zimbabwean, and I told them that in Zimbabwe, unfortunately to the majority, we do not see you as a role model. For a minute, I was able to see how the majority of Africans see you, a true hero of the African continent.

Jean Gasho
Jean Gasho

But I have to admit Mr. President, I have come to that place where I have nothing but respect for you. Now that I no longer see myself as Zimbabwean, unfortunately, I had to leave the country morally for a number of reasons. I now belong to the country of my Boaz, Ghana.

I am sure you will understand me, Mr. President, for your first wife, the great late Sally Mugabe, who was Ghanaian, rightly became a Zimbabwean when she fell in love with you. Now that I am a Ghanaian, I can now see what the rest of Africa see in you, the great hero. I now see why God chose you to sit on that throne since 1980.

I do believe one of the main reasons why you are still sitting on the Zimbabwean iron throne unchallenged is because of the state of the Zimbabwean people today. Now looking at Zimbabwe as an outsider, I do believe Zimbabweans are not ready for a change. I can totally understand why the masses of Zimbabwe, those on the ground in the rural areas continue to vote for you year after year.

Whilst other African countries continue to change presidents, I can totally understand why Zimbabwe is the only African country that has never changed its president since independence in 1980. Their love for social media activists is also rather disturbing.

The recent barbaric online saga regarding  Zimbabwean actress Anne Nhira and South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu has made my respect for you deepen Mr. President.

So Anne Nhira wrote a letter to the Zimbabwean Government to get South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu banned from the upcoming Zimbabwe carnival, and the whole country is in an uproar and she has become Zimbabwe’s public enemy.

Anne Nhira’s argument was merely that she was Zimbabwean, and she would rather have Zimbabwean performers at this carnival, rather than a woman who will indecently expose herself in broad daylight to the public, including children.
I think any sane person can understand her argument, but alas, not the majority of Zimbabweans. I live in the UK and I do not think Zodwa Wabantu would be allowed to expose her genitalia to children and the public in daylight without being arrested for public indecency.I don’t think what Anne Nhira asked for is something ‘unheard of’ that calls for such a public uproar. Even in Muslim countries with strict moral laws, Zodwa would never be allowed to perform exposing her genitals.

However, today Zimbabweans are petitioning for their own fellow sister to be deported from South Africa, and worse. Her crime, ‘protesting against South African Zodwa so that she doesn’t perform without underwear at the Zimbabwe Carnival’.

Zimbabweans are ready to see this young woman deported from South Africa. I am sure a lot of them have written to South African authorities to get her banned from South Africa.

Just a year ago, the same Zimbabweans who are ready to stone Anne Nhira to death for getting Zodwa banned from performing without underwear are the very same people who condemned a lady called Maureen for going to a private party without underwear.

Yes, they are the biggest hypocrites your people Mr. President. Oh, how they quickly forget.  Last year when a Zimbabwean young lady chose not to wear a panty at Genious Ginimbi’s private party last year that was not even held in Zimbabwe but in South Africa, they condemned her and spat on her, and were ready to disown her for ’embarrassing Zimbabwe and bringing Zim culture into disrepute’. If they had a chance, they would have stoned the poor woman to death. They also called her all sorts of names, from a witch to whore.

They said it was against Zimbabwe’s culture for a woman to be seen in public without underwear. They said it was unheard off, unseen and an abomination.

I was the only woman who came out publicly and asked Zimbabweans to stop their self-righteous barbaric behavior and stop condemning this young lady for choosing not to wear a panty at a private party. I was also called all sorts of derogatory names for standing with Maureen against the abuse and bullying by Zimbabweans.

Now fast forward one year later, oh the irony of it all. The hypocrisy of it all. Anne has become one of the most hated women in Zimbabwe for trying to preserve the same ‘Zimbabwean culture’ that they almost crucified another Zimbabwean woman for.

I can’t even begin to describe these Zimbabweans who doth protest too much on social media. They act like a pack of hyenas. Confused and hypocrites. They thrive on seeing their fellow Zimbabweans fall.

Whilst South Africans are rightly standing with Zodwa Wabantu on this saga, Zimbabweans are also joining in condemning their own, calling her all sorts of derogatory names under the sun. What a bunch of strange people.

I have nothing against Zodwa Abantu, she’s my South African sister and I respect her ‘no underwear’ hustle.

But I can’t stand hypocrites, Mr President. I can’t stand evil people. Even the bible condemns people who are double minded. There is just too much evil amongst Zimbabweans. Today their most used picture for jokes is a young evil boy who confessed on video to raping and torturing women with his friends.

Now his picture is the most used comic meme on Zimbabwe social media and the Zimbabwe female so called human rights activists are okay with that. They won’t protest against a rapist meme being widely used as a joke that Anne Nhira should also be raped by this evil boy. But they will hash tag ‘I stand with Zodwa’.

These people make my stomach turn with utter disgust. Deplorable is the word to describe them. They hail a child rapist and condemn a woman for asking for a bit of decency and morality in her own country.

I do not think it’s easy to rule such a people, Mr President. People who are as confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar. A people who will support anyone but their own. A people who condemn anyone who is their own. A people with no vision. No ambitions. No focus. No unity. No moral compass. A people whose thrives on misplaced priorities.

Oh it’s not easy to rule such a people Mr President, a  people who today, their biggest problem is an actress called Anne Nhira, and their idol has become a South African dancer who removes her underwear on stage. If Zodwa had been Zimbabwean, she would be the most hated woman, and her actions would have been condemned. But because she is South African, she has become Zimbabwe’s newest sweetheart at the expense of their own.

These Zimbabweans who are condemning Anne Nhira and calling for her deportation are forgetting that in South Africa, Zimbabweans have been burnt alive and tortured for being Zimbabwean. Zimbabweans are called dirty, smelly and Kwere kweres. But Zimbabweans will do anything to further the Xenophobic attacks on their fellow people. How evil and despicable.

Please teach Zimbabweans the word ‘Ubuntu’ Mr President. That is the first moral lesson your people need.

May you win the next presidential elections, Mr Robert Mugabe, for no one else is worthy to rule a people who can’t even take wisdom from an ‘ant’. A country that lacks so much sensitivity to the suffering of women that they will hail a child rapist as their most shared comic meme.

Last year when I wrote the open letter to Evan Mawarire, there was a public outcry for me to also write a letter to you. There was a lot of ‘have you written a letter to President Mugabe yet?’ Well, I guess this is it.

When I look at you from outside Zimbabwe, leading such a confused people, I have to say, much respect to you. You are our African hero.

May God give you the strength to rule such a people, Mr President. May you be blessed with good health and long life. May God give you more wisdom as you sit on that iron throne.

Yours sincerely

Daughter of the soil

Jean Gasho (Ghana)

You can visit Jean Gasho’s blog: Just Jean