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Plaxedes Wenyika returns with exciting singles

When the urban grooves movement swept across the music scene, a crop of young talented musicians emerged from various parts of the country.

Among the popular names that came to the fore that time was Plaxedes Wenyika.

Many people remember how she stole the limelight with her song ‘Tisaparadzane’ that was among chart toppers of the era.

Due to a busy schedule and the demise of urban grooves, Wenyika went quiet for sometime.

Her last album was released in 2013 and she is now back with new releases and has so far unveiled two singles while she builds up to her new album that is expected in October.

The new singles – ‘Now I know’ and ‘Beautiful Song’ – have announced the return of Wenyika.

‘Now I know’ was released in April while ‘Beautiful Song’ is still fresh from the studio after being released on Tuesday.

The singer is optimistic that the new projects will help her reunite with her fans and bring back sweet memories when she performed before lovers.

“We are working towards a new album and I will be releasing the singles until the whole album is done. I have done a few shows in the past months, but I am looking forward to resuming performances. People have been asking for my music and I am bringing them more soothing love tunes,” she said.

So far Wenyika has done albums ‘Tisaparadzane’, ‘Kamhanzi’, ‘Sentiments’, ‘Full Circle’ and ‘Brighter Day’.

The musician, who works for a medical concern, said she tries her best to balance her many roles in order to bring entertainment to the people.

Her current singles have potential of announcing her return in a big way.

She said the new album will show the revolution that she has gone through as a musician over the past years.

“When we started we were young and excited about the popularity we got but a lot has changed now. I am now mature and I will speak to mature listeners through my music. I collaborated with Ex-Q on the latest single and people that have listened to it so far have applauded the combination.”

Wenyika, who is also an actress and has featured in productions like ‘A Sharing Day’ and ‘Big House, Small House’, said she working on videos that will come after the release of the album. The Herald