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Remorseful Gary dedicates song to wife

Rising artiste Gary Tight, who was recently dragged to court by his wife Amanda Manyuwa for allegedly bashing her, has just launched a single dedicated to his better half.

Amanda and Gary Tight
Amanda and Gary Tight

In the song titled “Ingirozi”, recorded at Harmony Studios and which features award-winning rapper Tehn Diamond, Gary gushes about his love for Amanda, describing her as an “angel of love.”

Though Gary, who had denied contravening the Domestic Violence Act, walked away a free man after his wife withdrew the charges, some critics have wondered if the song is a genuine outpouring of love for Amanda.

In an interview with the Daily News on Sunday this past week, Gary said it was understandable that some people were raising questions but he insisted that the song is a genuine reflection of his love for his wife.

“There was a misunderstanding between us but it was blown out of proportion. We now both realise that we handled the misunderstanding in an immature way.

“Remember we are both young and we made the mistake of involving other people in a matter we should have handled ourselves. We are now wiser,” the young singer said.

Pressed to confirm if the assault indeed happened, Gary could only say:

“Like I said it was big misunderstanding. We are both not proud of what happened and we have moved on. We are happy and in love. That is all that matters now,” he said, adding that he would rather talk about Ingirozi.

“I mean every word in the song. She is indeed my angel. I intend to include the song on my forthcoming album.

“Ingirozi is in fact one of two songs dedicated to my wife on the forthcoming album. The other one is called “Babie Ndiwe” on which I featured my dad (Willom Tight). I wrote the song just after I had introduced Amanda to my dad,” said Gary.

Amanda, who won the 2013 edition of the Starbrite talent search competition, told the Daily News on Sunday that the songs dedicated to her by her husband had made their bond stronger.

“When Gary wrote Ingirozi for me I was pleasantly surprised because I never thought I meant that much to him. It really made me very happy because I know we genuinely love each other,” she said.

Amanda was not very forthcoming on the alleged assault by her husband.

“Yes we had problems and misunderstandings that resulted in us going to court but that is water under the bridge now. We are very much in love.

“We both admit that we didn’t solve our misunderstandings in the right way. We both admit we were wrong and this has made our young marriage stronger,” she told the Daily News on Sunday.

Amanda revealed that she will be collaborating with her husband soon.

“A collaboration between me and my husband will definitely come. We are both good singers and am sure we will eventually become Zimbabwe’s music power couple,” she said with confidence.

According to Gary, his duet with Amanda will be part of his forthcoming album.

“Yes the collaboration with Amanda is coming and am looking forward to show what we can do as a music couple. The album will also include my collaboration with mudhara wangu Nzou (Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi) titled Inharo Dzegadzega. I also collaborated with my brother Bryan K. I haven’t given the song a title yet,” he said. Daily News