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Sekeramayi and Kasukuwere unwittingly sell out dictator Mugabe

By Kennedy Kaitano

Allow me space to raise a very pertinent observation that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Mugabe has instructed the police not to arrest anyone who commits crime for the sake of retaining him in power.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. File photo. Image by: PHILIMON BULAWAYO / REUTERS
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. File photo.

On 21 July 2017, while addressing a Zanu PF gathering in Lupane, Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe unsuccessfully attempted to hoodwink the world by pretending to disown Zanu PF militia who have started terrorizing innocent Zimbabweans as the country nears elections.

A day or two later, speaking at a Zanu PF Harare inter-district meeting in Mbare, politburo members Sydney Sekeramayi and Saviour Kasukuwere told the crowd that there were party activists, political hooligans and criminals who had resorted to driving in vehicles branded with President Robert Mugabe and First Lady Grace Mugabe’s portraits to evade arrest. And that is truth that Dictator Mugabe tried to hide in Lupane – that his party allows its genuine supporters to maim, kill and commit all sorts of crime without being arrested.

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Their only concern here is that there are some who are now committing crime for personal gain, not for the desired objective of propping up Mugabe and Zanu PF.

In a previous opinion piece I have also given the tip of the iceberg on how Mugabe has pardoned convicted murderers in the case of the attempted murder on Patrick Kombayi who managed to escape with his life in 1990, but succumbed to the wounds sustained during that attempt on his life for the simple reason to retain Mugabe in power, and obstructed the course of justice in the case of Joseph Mwale who torched Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya.

Mugabe must not be allowed to get away with this this time round. People of Zimbabwe, the time to act is now. We cannot allow to fold our arms and allow the country to sink further. Let us continue to expose this rot. I hope the United Nations are also taking note, and that ZEC and Parliament will try everything in their power to bring things back to normal. But importantly, we the people must act.