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A New Zimbabwe is Coming!

By Mr Bhaudhi

In Africa it’s now becoming difficult to remove a government using a ballot box, but only through violence and a barrel of a gun. If you try to remove what they call a constitutionally elected government and fail you will be charged with “TREASON”, which is obviously a death sentence in Zimbabwe.

Anti-Mugabe protesters have become increasingly angry amid economic turmoil that has left cash shortages and high unemployment. Credit: Reuters

South Africa is still on the right path, citizens are still allowed to burn tyres and express their freedom of speech. As much as the South Africans are free, white monopoly still lobby policies.

Did you know that the South African reserve bank is owned by a private company in Germany, to be specific, a family business. You also have banks that deny citizens business loans but are quick to offer the very same citizens vehicle loans.

Now back to our own problems….

The Evil Architect of POSA and AIPPA

You see most people think that Robert Mugabe is the most evil person in Zimbabwe, so do I. But the most evil and dangerous person is Jonathan Moyo, given the power. As much as we live and breath this nincompoop must be barred from getting too much power in the new government of Zimbabwe. Jonathan Moyo is a green mamba, a silent killer that knows when to strike and when to bolt. He is the brains behind POSA and AIPPA, the architect behind these undemocratic legislations.

Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo

Jonathan Moyo took our freedom and gave it to the police. He sold our souls to the devil, he betrayed all the young folks of Zimbabwe. He took away our fundamental right to demonstrate hence why the ZRP never shy away from using button sticks. To make matters worse Jonathan Moyo is the Minister of Education, after the Ministry of Finance the Ministry of Education is the most vital ministry in any developing country. As Zimbabwe we are far fetched from being a developing country.

Jonathan Moyo is a clever venomous snake that slithers by the day and plots by the night. Do you still remember that this chap used to be under Mugabe’s wings then he fell from grace, which led to him demotion. Why was he dropped by Mugabe? You see Mugabe is a psychic, he foresaw the future.

Even Mugabe knows that Jonathan Moyo is POWER HUNGRY, and is also thrilled by attention. How does an evil leader mentor someone who is younger and hungrier than himself. Without Jonathan Moyo we wouldn’t have heard of POSA and AIPPA. This guy is clever enough to cheat old men and women while he blocks other young men from reaching their full potential.

Mr Jonso thinks he is a modern day Robin Hood. Clearly as a professor I think he needs to go back to the books and study the traits of the real Robin Hood. Jonathan is a thief who steals from the rich and keep the stash for himself.

Professor we need to know what happened to the R100 Million you stole from Wits University between 1998 and 2006. We all know that you’re a wanted man in South Africa. You bolted with money which was supposed to be used for research in the Mandela land.

Also in Kenya, you left your Directorship post after you were accused of embezzling $88 000 from the Ford Foundation. Clearly Zanu Pf elected a con artist to be an education minister. I wonder if they know. Since you have access to the education funds I just wonder what you have been scheming behind the scenes.

We have lots of kids being chased away from school because of school fees and you are not even moving a leg. Let me tell you something Prof, you’re not worthy of being the Minister of Education. You’re not worthy of being a professor but only worthy of being a con-artist.

In the new Zimbabwe all kids from Grade 1 till A level, no child will pay a cent for school fees. In a new Zimbabwe no child will be assaulted by riot police. In a new Zimbabwe your children will be barred from entering politics.

In a new Zimbabwe we will have no heroes acre, everyone will be buried at Mbudzi Cemetery. In a new Zimbabwe no Minister nor a President will stay in power for more than 8 years. We will not allow any Government official who is a also a director or shareholder in a private company or public company to participate in government tender processes or applications.

In the new Zimbabwe all families which were affected by Gukurahundi will be compensated financially and all who are responsible will be prosecuted. We will have a national cleansing ceremony and believe you me, you will also be part of that ceremony. No immunity, we will shame you all. You see we are not evil like you, the judiciary system will take care of you accordingly. As old as you will be, you will see us build Zimbabwe. We are not intimidated  and change is inevitable.

You have killed dreams, you have killed lots of young men and women. You have instilled fear but no fear can overwhelm the thirst of freedom. You have taught us how to watch our backs. You have forced us to unite as the youth without knowing. Every cent you’re stealing today, you will work for it tomorrow. We will claim every farm, every vehicle, every house and every underwear that was purchased using stolen tax payer’s money.

We have individuals who have high positions at PSMAS and also hold high positions in Government. One person receiving 2-4 salaries from 2-4 posts, that’s pure greediness at its best. One individual owning 7 cars while others ride bicycles from epworth to Harare cbd.

Change is inevitable, the “Four Horsemen” are coming.

About Author

Mr Bhaudhi is not an author nor a politician, but just an activists and lobbyist. He is based in China but frequently travels around the world learning new stuff. He owns a couple of small businesses around the globe. He enjoys investing in small companies and pissing off Zanu pf. He is the new pin in the Zanu  PF butt. Contact: [email protected]