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Woman disowns hubby

By Bornwise Mtonzi

The woman, who is alleged to be in the middle of a love triangle that led to the injury of her husband, last week disowned him.

Patience Tambudzai
Patience Tambudzai

She told the court the two were no longer living together since he moved out of their matrimonial home last year.

Patience Tambudzai told the court during her evidence in-chief in the trial of United Methodist Church reverend Eliot Chikwenjere, who is being charged of attempted murder. She also described him as a short-tempered and violent man.

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Patience who is a sales agent, told the court that her husband David Gwarazimba who was thrown from the bonnet of a moving vehicle left their matrimonial home in December 2016.

David Gwarazimba
David Gwarazimba

“Your Worship this man is no longer my husband because he left our matrimonial home in December last and everything that he is saying are lies.

“There is no longer any love between us and we are on separation. When he left he never informed me on why he was leaving and where he was going,” said.

However, during cross examination with Chikwenjere’s lawyer on the first day of the trial Gwarazimba told the court that he and his wife were in good books until the day of the incident.

Gwarazimba even said the two were still living together.

Patience denied all this saying Gwarazimba was lying because she left home alone on the day in question.

“Your Worship I don’t know where he came from because I was never with him, maybe he was following me since he had a tendency of stalking me.

“On this day I was never with him because we are not living together.

“Our marriage is broken and we never communicated since the day he left,” Patience said.

When asked by regional magistrate Temba Kuwanda whether she was in love with the reverend, Patience denied saying that he was only a business client.

“There is nothing going on between me and the Reverend.

“Hapana kana zvamuchose zviripakati pedu, zvinongori zvebasa chete.

“I have known the Reverend for eight years and we worked together at United Methodist Church headquarters for only two years.

“He is also a client of mine at fidelity life Assurance since I have helped him to open an account for his brother there,” she said.

She went on to tell the court that on the fateful day it was her husband who jumped on top of the Reverend’s car.

“The Reverend called me when I was still at home and told me that he was waiting for me at my work place since I had previously informed him that his brother’s account was not paid.

“I got in town and went where he was waiting for me but as I just got in the car that is when I saw Gwarazimba in front of the car.

“He got hold of the bonnet of the car and shouted that he had caught the man who was having an extra marital affair with his wife”.

She added: “He started calling people to come and see the person who is having an affair with his wife and that is when he got on top of the bonnet and started to smash the windscreen of the car.

“Knowing the kind of man he is I told the reverend to start the car and drive hoping he would get down.

“This did not move him as he grabbed the wipers when the car started moving and all this time he was hitting the windscreen of the car”.

She also told the court that he was given time to disembark from the bonnet but he refused.

“The Reverend even stopped the car hoping that he would get down but he never. The car was not even speeding since there were other cars on the road.

“Whatever he told the court in relation to what happened on that day are just lies.

“When the car got at Samora Machel Street and Rotten Row Way it stopped and I got out and even asked him to come down so that we could talk since I was the one he was after but he refused.

“He continued to smash the windscreen and accused even called for help,” she said.

The trial was remanded to July 18 for continuation.

Vallery Ngoma appeared for the State. H-Metro