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If you’re Zimbabwean… Read This – PART 2

By Mr Bhaudhi

So Zimbabweans are pissed off, especially those in the Diaspora. They are fuming over an article which I wrote on the 13th of July and has since gone viral on social media platforms and various messaging apps. If you haven’t came across the article you can check it here on Nehanda Radio.

Zimbabweans protesting the hyper-inflation that turned them into "starving billionaires"
Zimbabweans protesting the hyper-inflation that turned them into “starving billionaires”

I don’t know how it ended up on Nehanda Radio but when a friend of mine sent me the link I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of hits, comments and shares.

I never knew the article could have so much impact and attention. 74 000 views in less than 24hrs, who knows what’s happening on social media and whatsapp. Nehanda Radio I applaud you for connecting my opinion with the rest of the world.

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So who is the guy behind the article? Just a humble young man who is tired of living a life far away from home. Most of us young Zimbabweans in the diaspora have always been motivated by greener pastures, money. But what’s greener pastures without the freedom to enjoy our hard earned money back home without looking over our shoulders. I am based in China but currently I am in Zimbabwe taking a tour of my degraded township and city.

Ever since I came back to Zim I have bumped into plain clothes officers who have been questioning my long walks in harare CBD. It seems like I am now a foreigner in my own country just because of my light skin, dark sheds and my canon dslr camera.

Clearly it is now a crime to take snaps of my fellow vendors even after getting their consent to snap them while they work. I mean, just a few pictures to take me with back to my temporary home. Clearly freedom left Zimbabwe ages ago. Even the police won’t pose for a pic with me, they are scared. But when it comes to cold drink, ah ah ah Zim police!

You see Zimbabwe is a beautiful country which needs more young politicians, activists and lobbyist. I am not a politician but just a lobbyist who also happen to be an activist. Zimbabwe needs more young folks who have guts and steel nerves. Young men and women who are not scared of pulling messy old balls, while they hold their chins up.

As a young boy raised in Machipisa, Egypt in Highfields I remember the Chimombe and soup days at primary school. Buying a loaf of bread for 1 zim dollar, and then the pangolin coin days. Also not forgetting the Dyna Clipper days, playing with majenjere, zvikweshe, mubhagu and nekuchera mbeva kumaminda.

My previous article has opened a can of smelly rotten ugly worms. The article was clearly meant for all Zimbabweans, be Ndebele, Shona, Kalanga, Wasu, Pfambi, Varoyi, Mapurisa, Mbavha, Christian, Muslim, Vendors, Doctors, Politicians, Entrepreneurs and munhu wese mupenyu.

But clearly some people have turned this article around and used it to instigate hate and tribalism. I have seen lots of comments directed to Shona people by a few individuals from Matabeleland. Listen, a few individuals!!!!

We all are aware of the Gukurahundi massacre, we all know of the innocent young and old souls that lost their lives to heartless, FEW INDIVIDUALS. We all know the few culprits and they will face justice one day. Change is inevitable and everything has an expiry date.

Currently these people are holding their dear lives as they know what’s coming to them. This generation will give them flames! As Shonas the curse of our fathers and uncles always follows and haunts us whenever we visit the Matabeleland.

My father was a Shona and my mother a beautiful light skinned Ndebele woman. Let’s be honest Ndebele girls are really pretty, no offence to my cute Shona sisters. They all passed away when I was young. God bless their souls. We never had relatives as both family tribes did not approve the relationship and marriage. Hence I never visited Zimbabwe in a long time.

My dad said to his family to hell, so did my mom. You see nothing beats love. Love will always prevail. To cut the long story short my mom passed away and my dad never re-married. He later died a widower as he never stopped loving his Ndebele queen. Never hate another tribe because sooner or later your own child will marry those whom you hate or vice versa.

Now back to the important issues. Zimbabweans are very peaceful hence its taking forever for us to regain our real democracy and independence. We are cowards and we need to man up. Whenever we receive threats via sms we run to the UK or South Africa. I understand the fear and I don’t blame you, we are all not cut to be activists or politicians.

It’s in Zimbabwe were a police officer can assault a journalist and get away with it. The police look out for each other, Zanu PF looks out for each other, the army looks out for each other and also the CIO also looks out for each other. As activists and ordinary Zimbabweans we also need to look out for each other. In South Africa a police will never slap a grandpa while people watch, never. But in Zimbabwe 1 police officer can slap the entire church and gets away with it.

CIO if you’re reading this, we know you. We know where you buy your spying gear in China “epathChina” and other sources. We know your frequent visits to Korea. Your other team members are tired of being hooked up to the evil organisation. We know you operate in South Africa and the UK. We know of your presence on social media platforms. But the whirlwind of change is coming.

This generation is the greatest threat you will ever face, we are worse than the imperialists. We are not motivated by greed and sex but by the pain you have inflicted on our fellow Zimbabweans and our freedom. Be worried, have sleepless nights, you can hide your wealth to the far ends of the earth but always know that the “Four Horsemen” are coming for you Zanu PF. There is a force working in stealth mode.

We are not like you who use guns and button sticks. We are not peace keepers but we are peace makers. Your level of experience, qualifications and intelligence is far much surpassed by our hunger for freedom. A hungry man is a dangerous one especially your own child.

Jonathan Moyo you have failed us as the youths, maybe if Learnmore Jongwe was alive things would have been a bit different. Zanu PF is like a pig, when its wounded it eats up it’s own wounded leg and escrations. They eat their own for supper, look at Mutasa.

On the opposite end guys suffer from the curse of individualism. Instead of working together, everyone wants to be President. Whoever thought Biti and Tsvangirai would part ways.

They only reunite when we are 10 seconds to elections. In the history of zim opposition these were the two knuckleheads who were supposed to knock out Zanu pf. We were so close, then because of the spirit of “power hunger”, Zanu pf kicked us in the nuts.

We also have the fleeing fleet tag team, “Makamba and Mawere”. Those two are the real definition of Zimbabweans, MOST ZIMBABWEANS! They benefitted from Zanu PF and when sh#t hit the fan they bolted to South Africa. These guys have too much money but they have never invested in young Zimbabweans. They call themselves Philanthropists who invest in the lives of South African children. While they invest in the lives of South African children, South Africans are busy chasing our brothers and sisters in the Mandela land. You see, most South Africans hate Zimbabweans to the core.

Remember Xenophobia? Yeah the same guys who Makamba is schooling are the very same guys who burn tyres and necklace our fellow African brothers. I am not saying no life is better that another. But in life you need to learn and take care of your brother irrespective of tribe, color, religion or gender. These two Musketeers “ Makamba and Mawere” have never setup resources or donate to fellow Zimbabweans who got affected by Xenophobia.

Even plate yesadza zvayo kana bhodhoro remazoe, even mhiripiri chaiyo. I know it’s their money but let’s learn to take care of each other please. More than 15-30 dead Zimbabweans are repatriated via the Musina border daily and people think this is a lie. Pick up a phone and call the South African border side for confirmation. You can also call Zimbabwe South African funeral parlours and ask for the figures. Companies like Doves and Zororo have penetrated the South African funeral market.

This is not a lie. Kids are hungry here in Zimbabwe, I went back to Mukuvisi today just to see the two little orphans but have been told they were finally re-connected with a family member. Not sure if it’s true. But one guy begged me not to come back as people were asking a lot of questions. People are scared and hungry.

Makamba and Mawere if you’re reading this article, please know that you’re my big brothers. I love you but a young brother have to rebuke his big brothers sometimes, out of love machinda angu.

Now to Strive Masiyiwa, pamonya ipapo. Mudhara we thank you for we know you’re taking care of over 30 000 orphans if I am not mistaken. We know your love for Zimbabwe and we also know that you do not like to talk more about Zimbabwe and it’s current situation.

We need more fire power from you as most young people in business and faith always look up to you. “Even ma christians, Zanu pf irikungorava pazimba wukangotaura nyaya yechange. Button stick rinorwadza weduwe especially kana mhunu ari mukristu, as christians we are not violent so we are not accustomed to jambanja. But we fear nothing though”

Instead of politicians, Zimbabwe needs more business people to be involved than ever before. Zimbabwe has more than 50 000 business people in the Diaspora and so many locally. Imagine if we can put our heads together and create a fire power. As business people we are the lifelines to our economy. Let’s work together. I will end here today, May the Good lord be with you all.

Let’s love and respect each other as Zimbabweans and if we cannot, then its better we just ignore each other and not engage in any tribal fights over stupid things. Our enemy is Zanupf and change is inevitable. All things come to an end. And to all good police officers and army officers we appreciate you. To the nurses and doctors we thank you for taking care of the wounded. To the teachers, YOU GUYS ROCK, YOU CREATE OTHER TEACHERS, PRESIDENTS, DOCTORS AND LOTS MORE.

Patson Dzamara, I love you my brother. Tsvangirai, be well my brother. Biti, always know kuti Tsvangirai mukoma wako, you ride together and die together. Pastor Mawarire, only God knows.

To Mutasa, always know kuti makati rwadzisa and I hope you find your redemption. Jonathan Moyo, think about the other young boys because when change comes, you will want to be on the winning side. To all Zimbabweans keep the hustle going and let’s learn to take care of our own, just like the Nigerian boys do. Ndatenda, Siyabonga. My ink ends here…

About Author

Mr Bhaudhi is not an author nor a politician, but just an activists and lobbyist. He is based in China but frequently travels around the world learning new stuff. He owns a couple of small businesses around the globe. He enjoys investing in small companies and pissing off Zanu pf. He is the new pin in the Zanu  PF butt.