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Time out with Tuku, Alexio

By Godwin Muzari recently in NYANGA

The weather was fine. It was sunny, uncharacteristic of the Eastern Highlands terrain that is known for misty days and unexpected summer drizzle.

Oliver Mtukudzi

This part of Zimbabwe is a geographical reality of the adage that equates unexpected and quick changes in life to weather.

Last Saturday the weather did not change as it usually does in the environs of Montclair Resort and Casino in Juliasdale where hundreds were gathered for eventful festivities.

The mood among attendees changed as pleasure levels ticked upwards gradually, but the weather remained favourable.

It was a good day for fun and holiday. In the afternoon golfers had a time to compete and mingle.

They came from many towns and cities like Nyanga, which is adjacent to Juliasdale.

Some came from Mutare, others drove from Rusape while some made their way from as far as Harare.

Even ICT, Postal and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira, who is also Member of Parliament for Nyanga South, was there.

He socialised with the crowd in the afternoon and joined merrymakers at the hotel in an after-party of the event that night.

As the golfers concluded their tournament, entertainers were warming up to a night of fun.

As usual Oliver Mtukudzi was the main act of the annual event. This time around he went with his talented youngster Alexio Kawara.

Tuku does not go there alone. He has gone with his admirers like Roki, Ammara Brown and Tariro NeGitare.

This year it was a good opportunity for Alexio who is preparing for his next album that is expected this year.

Alexio Kawara
Alexio Kawara

But Alexio was not the only one supporting Tuku at the event this year. Zi-Judgement crew was there with a mixed bag of music and entertained guests with their selection. The crew came as part of a partnership between ZiFM and Montclair Resort and Casino for the event.

The night festivities began with a prize-giving ceremony for outstanding golfers and there was excitement as winners walked away with various honours.

When Alexio went on stage, the mood in the auditorium was already captivating. He seemed to be spurred by wild shouts that accompanied him to the stage.

As usual, he serenaded the crowd, especially lovers, with his soothing tracks and his all-time hit “Shaina” shone on the night.

The musician was excited about his performance.

“This is an exciting crowd. I have enjoyed the performance and I am hoping to come back here again for another concert. It is a great opportunity to mingle with fans in a relaxed environment. It is more of a holiday than a show. I liked the people’s response,” said Alexio in a backstage interview.

“We are working towards our new album and the response to our new tracks in also encouraging. We want to take our music to a new level and we hope to tour various parts of the country presenting our acts. This event has been fascinating and we shall cherish it forever.”

When Tuku went on stage, the crowd went wild again. He started playing his cordless guitar while he was backstage and people waited in anticipation.

When he finally emerged from backstage, the auditorium shook with excitement. Tuku greeted them with a good playlist.

It was a memorable night and Tuku’s manager Sam Mataure was also a happy man.

“This has become one of our most exciting outings every year. Each show here is unique. I am happy that we had another unique experience here this year and I know next year we will have another exciting outing,” said Mataure.

Nicola Maisvoreva of Montclair Resort and Casino said they are happy with the response they get every year at the event.

“Most people actually ask about the dates every winter even before we start advertising. It is good that people have now taken this as their annual outing. We were happy with this year’s event and we will keep organising good packages for this event,” said Nicola. The Herald