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Doctor hurls insults at nurses

By Fungai Lupande

A clinical director at Chitungwiza Hospital, Patrick Dhliwayo, appeared at the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court yesterday for allegedly insulting and manhandling two nurses at Zengeza Clinic.The nurses were attending to his sick mother.

Dhliwayo (45) appeared before Chitungwiza resident magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo facing charges of criminal insult and assault.

He was represented by Mr Harrison Nkomo and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Through Mr Nkomo, Dhliwayo applied for discharge at the close of the State case.

Mr Mapfumo will make a ruling on the application on Thursday.

The complainants are Ms Sekai Cathrine Madziyanhiyo and Mr Allen Chapfunya, who are nurses at Zengeza Clinic.

Allegations are that on February 27 this year, Dhliwayo accompanied his mother to Zengeza Clinic.

The mother was referred to the consultation room and was attended by Ms Madziyanhiyo.

She allegedly referred Dhliwayo’s mother to the treatment room.

It is alleged that Dhliwayo stood at Ms Madziyanhiyo’s door and started shouting, saying he was following up on his mother.

Ms Madziyanhiyo directed him to the treatment room, but he refused to go there.

Dhliwayo started shouting at Ms Madziyanhiyo saying,

“idiot, prostitute . . . you are a prostitute . . . idiot. I want that bitch to be fired by tomorrow”.

It is alleged that Dhliwayo went to Mr Chapfunya’s office and started complaining about junior nurses.

He allegedly pushed Mr Chapfunya against the wall and held him by the collar.The Herald