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Condolences pour in for Cde Chinx

By Maxwell Sibanda

The late music star Dickson Chingaira aka Cde Chinx’s songs stimulated both Zanla and Zipra fighters into action and helped mobilise the masses into an incredible resistance population, Zanu PF party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo has said.

Dickson Chingaira Makoni a.k.a Cde Chinx seen here with fellow war veteran and Zanu PF MP Joseph Chinotimba

Moyo, in a condolence message said: “The death of Cde Chinx last Friday has robbed his family, the party Zanu PF and Zimbabwe at large of a very talented, versatile, and amicable personality whose songs were tonic to cadres during the liberation struggle and after independence.

“Like the late Give Nhare who was the light machine gun (lmg) choir master in Zambia during the liberation struggle, their songs are now part of our liberation history and lasting legacy.

“Cde Chinx in particular performed after independence at various independence celebrations and other state occasions until he fell ill and breathed his last.

“The party will miss you Cde Chinx but your songs, like those composed by your friend, the late Nhare live forever. You were a true patriot and the youths must learn from your exemplary life and contribution to this free nation.”

Afro Music star Bryn Mteki said Cde Chinx should be buried at National Heroes Acre so as to show the world that the shrine is not only for politicians but heroes from across.

“Cde Chinx is a true music hero, all the music we sing today came from their generation. Let’s celebrate the lives of our heroes.

“Excelling artists like him should have been issued with a diplomatic passport and a honorary arts doctorate as a thank you towards his contribution to the arts industry.”

Music engineer and producer Peter Muparutsa said agreed that Cde Chinx deserves national hero status. “Not through the window but through merit.”

Chairperson of Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (Zibah), Takemore Mazuruse said: “As Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (Zibah), we value the Cde Chinx’s contributions to nation building and the arts industry. His place in the local arts sector is sacrosanct and we will always cherish his work.

“Art plays a critical role in shaping communities and his music has inspired many from the days of the liberation struggle. This is why as Zibah we played a part in assisting him even when he was reported not well. Local artists must learn from such luminaries and work to impact generations with their art.”

Mbira playmaker Albert Chimedza said: “Cde Chinx connected the revolution to music.”

Singer Victor Kunonga said: “I cannot rate Cde Chinx. His contribution was clear for all to see. Clearly he should be made a national hero.”

Devine assignments executive director Biggie Chinoperekwei said the music industry has lost a veteran musician who has over the years inspired young musicians.

“We are sad that the music industry continues to lose its veterans — these are artistes the young ones were looking up to for ideas.

“With equal opportunities and a thriving economy the likes of Cde Chinx could have managed to establish music academies and share their knowledge. He could have been a producer because of the vast knowledge he had in composing music songs pregnant with meaning.

“While not all Zimbabweans agreed with what he sang, but for the majority in Zanu PF his music suited well into their ideology and we have to respect that.

“As music promoters, the more we lose these veterans the more our scope to put together powerful combinations suffers. We are sad and we hope the government will bestow him the honour he deserves. To some of us he is a hero.”

Social commentator Farai Muguwu said: “He is a hero in his own right. He has a very unique contribution to the liberation of our country through singing. Even after independence he continued with his project through the singing powerful tunes that were in line with contemporary politics.

“Perhaps his only blemish is the songs he did in support of the violent land grabs. But one can argue that his 3rd Chimurenga songs were consistent with his liberation war ideology of redistribution.

“In the sight of many Zimbabweans Cde Chinx is a national hero more deserving than people like Chenjerai Hunzvi, Border Gezi and Elliot Manyika.”

Veteran actor Obrian Mudyiwenyama said: “Cde Chinx was a luminary and a great artist. He stood for what he believed in and was loved across the board because he was firm and resolute in his beliefs.

“He inspired me even as a theatre artist. A great musical icon. A huge loss to the arts industry. Respect.”

Social commentator Rejoice Ngwenya said: “Cde Chinx is part of the musical generation (including the Bhundu Boys, Ilanga, Rusike Brothers, James Chimombe, Tobias Ariketa, The Muparutsa brothers) that golden generation which transformed the musical landscape of our country. I certainly don’t rate him high on the Zanu PF plunder list.

“If the musical or creative industry had assumed pure business status, he could have gone places with his unique beat. He certainly was a gentle man who deserves accolades.”

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said: “Cde Chinx’s contribute to the arts industry is immense as he sought to unite black and white and he did it with legitimacy since he was a freedom fighter.

“He didn’t allow his liberation war history to define him instead relying more on his music.” Chin’ono said naturally deserves to be a national hero because of the strong and immediate call for unity that ran through his music.

“He was unfortunately used by Zanu PF post 2000 but he had no choice because of how his person was intertwined with Zanu PF historically. He was also a victim of Mugabe’s excesses when his property was a victim of Murambatsvina which shows that he was not part of the inner circle but just a comrade.” Daily News