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Father from hell…orders daughter to never wear underwear

Many people take the comfort of an undergarment for granted. While there are those that wish to have one but can’t afford it, there are also those that yearn for a day they could be granted the freedom to wear and enjoy the variety of ladies’ underwear that exists.

Keketso being prayed for

Picture this, a decree is issued that you should never wear underwear in your life and make sure that after every two days you eat raw frogs, fish and mud! It sounds stranger than fiction hey!

However, this has always been the life of Keketso Amanaldo Magaisa who was forced to follow the above order by her father if she did not want to die.

Keketso had never worn underwear in her life and waist beads were her own undergarment.

It is said that the woman’s father who is a traditional healer in Mozambique sacrificed her to a mermaid when she was born.

As a means for her father to always have supernatural powers, Keketso was not supposed to wear underwear and had to please the mermaid by eating raw frogs and fish.

“I have never worn underwear in my life and my father said if ever I did, I would die. I used to eat lots of raw fish and frogs including mud to survive,” said Keketso.

Keketso’s top secret was exposed when she tried to test Chitungwiza-based Madzibaba Stephen’s powers by insulting him in front of congregants.

“I have always known that I am not just an ordinary human being following what my father told me. There is a day when I was in the company of my friend coming from a beerhall when we saw lots of people gathered.

“We then heard that they had come for help from a prophet. That is when I told my friend Yvonne to insult him and see whether he had powers.

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“I do not know what happened thereafter as when I woke up we were also part of the congregants receiving prayers,” revealed Keketso.

The two women revealed that they worked as prostitutes and due to the fact that they never wore underwear and their weird diet, they were very lucky, serving between six and 10 clients a night.

“I could get any man I wanted and made a lot of money because of my father’s juju, but surprisingly the money used to disappear.

“We do not have anything to show that we were making lots of money as it disappeared and we spent the remaining one on beer,” said Keketso.

Yvonne confirmed everything which was being said by Keketso and appeared afraid to open up saying she did not want her family to know about her life’s secret.

The two women met in Mozambique as Yvonne used to seek help from Keketso’s father.

However, Keketso was advised by her father to be very close to Yvonne so that one day they would be able to sacrifice her.

“When I told my father that I was getting tired of my lifestyle, he told me to look for a close friend who would also get accustomed to the orders he had given me so that one day we could sacrifice her,” she said.

Madzibaba Stephen delivered the two ladies and ordered them to stop eating raw fish and frogs and to wear underwear to see if they would die.

The ladies said last Friday that they had not tasted beer for a week and that they were opening a new chapter in their lives by leaving the world’s oldest profession, that saw them operate within the region across borders.

A week later they attended his service in Tshabalala and Keketso was over the moon that for the first time in her life she was able to put on underwear.

Keketso’s happiness, however, was short-lived as her father disowned her on the very day she was delivered.

“When I phoned my father, he just picked up the phone and told me that I was no longer his daughter and that I must never come back home,”she said.

The waist beads, which were apparently used as luck charms, were destroyed.B-Metro