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Over 2 million jobs delivered already – Minister

Labour and Social Welfare deputy minister Tapiwa Matangaidzesays the country has created “in excess” of two million jobs through the informal sector with more jobs expected to come through command agriculture.

Tapiwa Matangaidze

He was speaking Wednesday during parliament’s question and answer session.

Asked by Gokwe MP Dorothy Mangami if the government had any policy on the exportation of labour, Matangaidze said there was not generalised policy on that but each case was being taken on an ad-hoc basis.

Matangaidze also indicated the country had excess labour.

He was further challenged by Musikavanhu MP Prosper Mutseyami to respond if the said excess labour was not as a result of government’s failure to create jobs for citizens.

“When people are talking about job creation,” Matangaidze said, “it is very critical that we look at it holistically.

“When we are talking about job creation, it does not necessarily have to be formal sector. The informal sector is a very valid part of job creation.”

Matangaidze said government’s command agriculture programme had potential to create multiple jobs.

“Currently, you will find that Government programmes that were put in place; something that clearly comes to mind right now is the Command Agriculture which was a huge success by any measure.

“Downstream jobs have been created as a result of that. You will find Mr. Speaker Sir, that the initiative that organisations.

“…We are looking at an excess of two million tonnes of grain that has been produced. That alone has a ripple effect on job creation.

“The issue about jobs is that some jobs by its very nature are contract jobs. If you look at the production of tobacco, by its very nature it is contact. Some jobs will be permanent jobs; so the country – yes, has indeed created in excess of two million jobs as things stand.”

The Zanu PF led government is under fire from the opposition for failing to deliver the promised 2,2 million jobs during campaigning for the 2013 elections. Radio VOP