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Mugabe oceans summit attendance a sign of madness

By Jacob Mafume

Lyssa the Greek god of madness continues to reign supreme. As we said before the gods of dementia continue to unleash their angels on the motherland intoxicating in the process the native, his goats, his rats and pigs.

Jacob Mafume
Jacob Mafume

Mugabe once again has pulled another shocker by taking a civilian brigade of his surrogates for a holiday trip on tax payer’s account; he took with him 50 people to a United Nations-hosted oceans summit in the United States.

Derangement has taken over the Munhumutapa building as well as the dungeons of Chancellor Avenue. Mugabe’s misplaced decisions are a scourge and a disease which must be fought not only by political parties but  everyone who loves this country.

Mugabe’s trip defies logic, we mentioned in the press today, “unless if we want to annex a neighbouring country and administer its oceans, then what are we doing there. Maybe, Mugabe got confused when he officially opened Tokwe Mukosi Dam. He probably thought that Zimbabwe had built an ocean against the wishes of the imperialists.”

The People’s Democratic Party is aware that Mugabe uses more than five million dollars to for each state visit he takes, when hospitals cannot afford to procure basic painkillers .

The costs are going up considering the fact that Mugabe now prefers to hire private planes due to the depletion of the Air Zimbabwe fleet which has since been declared unsafe by many countries including the United States which is the mother country of Boeing the manufacturer of the plane which Mugabe used to take for his infinite trips abroad.

We have always stated that Mugabe’s trips are an unnecessary strain on the National fiscus.

We are concerned by ZANU PF’s failure to seek treatment to cure themselves from the disease called Fiscalities which is the belief that money grows on trees and that one can just continuously spend oblivious of the source.

As of April 2017 the budget deficit had risen to 43% by Chinamasa’s own confirmation, such an admission could have been followed by measures of drastic expenditure retrenchment starting with unnecessary overseas trips. Surprisingly Mugabe has actually increased his propensity to travel.

Then there is the issue of the raiding of depositors funds kept at the RBZ in form of RTGS balances, this act has crippled the banking sector with a liquidity crisis which has ground the economy to a halt.

Mugabe and team continue to use the few dollars in circulation to fund their trips; this will only worsen the crisis much to the detriment of the working people who will have to continue sleeping on banking queues.

The IMF recently warned that excessive government spending, if continued, could exacerbate the cash scarcity, further jeopardize the health of the external and financial sectors, and, ultimately, fuel inflation.

This advice has again fallen on the deaf ears of Mugabe and his cabal who cannot sacrifice their personal greed for the recovery of the economy.

The man from the Central Republic of Zvimba in March 2016 again left Zimbabwe for India to attend a low-key World Culture Festival leaving surprisingly leaving behind Culture Minister Abednego Ncube.

He even went to India way ahead of schedule much to our amusement, that a President of a whole country can get excited by the mere idea of attending an Indian Shoko Festival.

Our call goes to Zimbabweans to unite and form a formidable force against dictatorship, Mugabe must go. Deposing him is the only method which can give Zimbabwe the opportunity to open a new chapter into renaissance.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible
Jacob Mafume
PDP Spokesperson