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Woman forced to kiss dead hubby

By Nhlalwenhle Ncube

When she lost her husband, she did not know it was the beginning of the worst as she was accused of being a witch. To prove her innocence she was forced to kiss his corpse!

Felistas Mapeturo still cannot believe what her in-laws did to her after the death of her husband Jairos Munhundadya.

It is reported that her husband died after a short illness and unfortunately she had not informed her in-laws that their son was not feeling well.

When they heard the death news, they went crazy and accused her of bewitching her husband.

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“Mapeturo was banned from attending her husband’s burial. Her in-laws took the body and children ordering her not to follow them to their homestead in Masvingo.

“She decided to hire a commuter omnibus and followed with her own relatives and friends saying there was no way she could miss her husband’s burial,” said the source.

It is said that upon arrival at the homestead, they were stopped from entering and they slept in the bush. The following morning before burial, a traditional healer was invited to do some rituals.

“Early in the morning, we just sat by the gate and we were only allowed in the yard after the arrival of a traditional healer.

“Body viewing was strictly for close family members and after they had completed, the deceased’s wife was ordered to kiss the corpse and they said it was the only way she could prove her innocence.

“They made it clear that if she had a hand in his death, she was going to die soon after kissing him, but she never did.

“After the burial, despite having survived, they told her to leave their homestead saying they no longer had any relationship with her,” said the source.

Mapeturo told B-Metro that she was yet to come to terms with what she was made to do.

“I had to kiss my dead husband in the coffin to prove that I had not killed him. Up to now I’m still having nightmares,” she said.

Her aunt revealed that they were yet to meet the in-laws and make them pay a fine for what they did to their daughter.

The deceased’s father Abel Munhundadya said he did not see anything wrong with what happened at the burial.

“It was her husband and in our family if your husband or wife passes away, that is the way you are supposed to bid him/her farewell,” he said. B Metro