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Suspect arrested for the killing of a Gambian presidential guard soldier

A Gambian soldier, Pa Sanneh has been arrested in connection with the kidnapping and killing of a member of the elite presidential guard, Toumani Jallow.

Warrant officer Pa Sanneh

Warrant Officer Sanneh is being detained at a military detention facility in Yundum, a small town 16 miles south of the capital, Banjul.

“Sanneh has been arrested and investigations are ongoing and all those detained have unrestricted access to their lawyers and family members,” military spokesperson, Lt. Col. Omar B. Bojang said.

Lance Corporal Jallow was killed on the orders of former dictator, Yahya Jammeh after he was accused of being part of a group of “disloyal” soldiers, who set Jammeh’s APRC party office ablaze.

Jammeh’s party had some 300,000 fraudulent voters cards stored at the party’s headquarters to be used by foreigners from neighboring Senegal’s Casamance region to help him win the election, according to opposition activists.

“Jallow’s friends, who were also soldiers within the State Guards overheard a conversation about the voters card between Yankuba Colley [Mayor of KMC] and President Jammeh,” said a military source.

“So they burnt down the APRC political bureau and all the 300,000 voters card were burnt. Jammeh was very angry.”

Jammeh had demanded fresh elections be held after his defeat in the December polls. He claimed at least 300,000 people did not vote, accusing the electoral commission of turning hundreds of voters away.

Gambia’s new government arrested about 14 special forces officers, who are accused fo taking part in torturing, killing and kidnapping Jammeh’s political enemies.

Jammeh fled to Equatorial Guinea, where he is given a safe haven by one of Africa’s longest self-serving ruler, Theodore Obiang. He has taken up farming in the Central African nation. SMBC News