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Zimbabwe’s problems go beyond political parties

By Linda Masarira

Zimbabwe’s problems go beyond political parties. I am 101% convinced that Zimbabwe needs a system overhaul and change of leadership. Change of leadership without a system overhaul will be useless. There is no rule of law in Zimbabwe.

Linda Masarira
Linda Tsungirirai Masarira

It is sad and pathetic that this nation brags of the most educated people in Africa yet they are the most stupid, idiotic and docile beings under the sun. What is the point of being educated when you can not use your education to create sustainable development economically and politically? What is the point of bragging about intellectual capacities when your country has reached comatose stage with no meaningful change in sight?  Where are the legislators? Why are people being oppressed in a supposedly free Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is going through a systematic failure. This systematic failure is a result of lack of ethics. We are all responsible for this systematic failure because we all sat back and watched Bob create an evil regime which does not care about the welfare of the citizens of this once beautiful country. I hear and read people claiming that Zimbabwe is a peaceful country. Peaceful my foot.

People should learn to differentiate peace from fear. First define what peace is then we will start talking. Zimbabweans are butchering each other every day, domestic violence is the order of the day in most households, women are being raped left right and centre including toddlers, there is violence everywhere because most people have bottled up emotions. they have adopted to an artificial environment which is emotionally draining. All the frustrations which have been cultivated by this evil system are poured out at the wrong places and wrong people.

Zanu PF has nurtured institutions which are not only inefficient and incompetent because all state owned enterprises have collapsed due to massive corruption, lack of accountability and sound corporate ethics. We cannot continue watching our country being run like a tuckshop because we are afraid. Afraid of what and who?
Millions of bright lives have been destroyed and why are we silent?

The problem in Zimbabwe is not the actual problem, the problem is our attitude towards the problem. We have to deal with the issue of political reforms, if this is not dealt with we are unlikely to see any meaningful economic turnaround. Zimbabwe’s crisis is man made and everything that is man made can be reversed. We are suffering from a leadership crisis. We no longer have leaders in Zimbabwe. We now have one invincible dictator and little rulers under the dictator. Who is going to free Zimbabwe from black oppression? How long are we going to pretend that everything is ok when nothing is ok?

The first step is to advocate for the alignment of the of laws with the constitution of Zimbabwe. Since 2013, the laws have not been aligned with the constitution, police continuously abuse Zimbabwean citizens because of this anomaly. Where are the legislators? Alignment of the laws with the constitution is not an option but an obligation. It is a serious violation of the constitution to continue having invalid laws in our statute books. Enough is enough. ZIMBABWE WILL NEVER BE A COLONY AGAIN LET US FREE OUR MINDS FROM MENTAL SLAVERY.

Stand up and fight for your rights
Stand up and be counted
Stand up and fight for justice
Stand up and be the hero you are
Life is meant to be enjoyed not to be endured

Iwe neni tine basa to make Zimbabwe a better place. To restore the dignity of this country and to give our children a happier, safer and habitable Zimbabwe.

Good day

Linda T. Masarira
ZWIPA Director