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Cuthbert Dube won’t give up on $3,5m ‘windfall’

By Fidelis Munyoro

Former Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) chief executive Dr Cuthbert Dube is seeking leave to appeal the Labour Court ruling that reversed a $3,5 million arbitral award he had won.

Cuthbert Dube
Cuthbert Dube

Dr Dube won a $3,5 million arbitral award against the medical aid society in a contractual dispute in April 2015.

The award granted to Dr Dube by arbitrator Mr Don Moyo entitled him to a monthly salary and benefits backdated to January 2014.

But the Labour Court overturned the arbitration award after Justice Euna Makamure, sitting with Justice Betty Chidziva, granted the appeal by PSMAS and its subsidiary, Premier Service Medical Investments.

Dr Dube’s lawyer, Mr Jonathan Samukange, told The Herald on Monday that leave to appeal the Labour Court decision has since been filed.

“We are waiting for the matter to be set down for hearing our application for leave to appeal,” he said.

Dr Dube got the windfall in two arbitral awards, one against PSMI for $2 070 000 and the other against PSMAS for $1 380 000, bringing his total claims to $3 450 000.

But Dr Dube’s hopes for the rich pickings were damned after the Labour Court recently set aside the two arbitral awards.

Dr Dube was fired in January 2014 for awarding himself a hefty salary of $92 000, excluding other benefits from the group and another $43 000 plus benefits from PSMI.

After getting paid his allowances by both entities, Dr Dube would take home as much as $500 000 per month.

The two appeals were dealt with in one hearing because PSMAS and PMSI are closely related and the grounds of appeal were largely similar.

Since Dr Dube had reached retirement age contract negotiations reached a stalemate, prompting the matter to be referred for arbitration. The Herald