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Letter from America : Democrats planning to impeach Trump

By Ken Mufuka

Because Lord Chelmsford refused the offer of Dutch scouts who were more cognisant with the bush terrain, he failed to see a Zulu force of 10 000 men sitting on their haunches a mile away from the British camp. My history teacher was dramatic.

“The moral, Kenny my boy, is that arrogance can lose a war.”

Now take a moment to consider one of the greatest political upsets in the history of the United States.

Donald Trump, a billionaire playboy, acclaimed by opponents as a sex fiend, who never ran for any office, even that of a dog catcher, who was rejected by his own party, was considered a deplorable human being by Democrats, was opposed by 157 newspapers (new count) and despised by a generation of college kids, defeated a presidential surrogate, Hillary Clinton, with 25 years experience.

Republican leader, governor Mitt Romney remembered Trump as a “phony, a fraud. His promises are worthless as a degree from Trump University. Dishonesty is Trump’s hallmark.”

Romney turned out to be the biggest phony of all. When Trump won the election, Romney pleaded for a job as secretary of State.

Impeach Trump

The English say that hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. Methinks the wrath of a humiliated politician is worse than that of a scorned woman.

Both Republicans and Democrats are seething with anger and are knocking on the door of the Senate every day. Impeach Trump!

Now you will say: “Ken the man has barely been in office for a month. What is the charge?”

Congresswoman Sister Maxine Waters has an answer. “Just find something or anything. I don’t care for that man.”

It is no secret that former president Barack Obama had complete contempt for Trump. He works under the radar, the impeach movement finds its inspiration from him.

His followers, known after Obama’s surrogate and loser, Hillary Clinton, (Hillarites) are all over the map. MacDonald Company Facebook page yesterday published these words: “Trump, you are actually a disgusting excuse of a President. We would love to have Obama back. Also, you have tiny hands.”

The reference to tiny hands is an attempt to deny Trump’s supposed sexual wizardry.

The Impeach Trump Movement is theorising that Trump is a Russian implant on US democracy.

The facts

In April 2016, a British scoundrel, Christopher Steele, a former M-IV intelligence officer, was hired to make up a “dossier” on Trump. Dates and names were confused, and the wild claim that Trump urinated on a bed where Obama had slept in Moscow was farfetched to be credible.

The juicy part is whether Steele was still working for British intelligence. Even juicier is the suggestion that Obama sought British assistance to destroy Trump, by means fair or foul, without leaving footprints.

This accusation has been made by Judge Andrew Napolitano, which I shall address below.

Trump let the cat out of the bag this week. The denial by the British government is self-serving. We know that the British aristocracy adored Brother Obama. We also know that Trump was regarded as a street fighter in Britain. The matter becomes even juicier.

Here is a bombshell from Judge Napalitano. “Sources have told me that the British foreign surveillance service (government communications headquarters) most likely provided Obama with transcripts of Trumps calls. By by-passing US intelligence services, Obama would have access to what he wanted with no Obama administration fingerprints.”

There are other precedents. While Obama was visiting Germany last year, it was revealed that US agencies had been wiretapping Chancellor Angela Merkel’s private phone calls.

Further, when it looked like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could lose an election; the US diverted US$300 000 from the State department to a pro-Democracy outfit there. Innocent on the face of it, the outfit was intended to help anti-Netanyahu forces.

Trump’s advisor, General Michael Flynn’s communications with the Russian embassy a week before transition was tapped and leaked on to the Washington Times. The Obama administration claimed that such evidence ought to be “preserved.” The argument here is that Flynn, a Trump advisor was a Russian “stooge” or something.

The acrimony between Netanyahu and Obama is of long standing. Part of it is personal. Netanyahu, who was educated in the US, is accused of white racist contempt for uppity blacks (Obama). But the gist of it arose from the fact that the US was conducting secret protocols with Iran, a sworn enemy of Israel without consulting Natanyahu. Communications among US Jewish organisations were intercepted in an attempt to discover how much the Israeli government knew about the secret deals.

All this would have been water under the bridge if Clinton had won the election. In all this, Democrats lost their bedrock support among poor whites, who voted for Trump. Their increasingly shrill support for fringe groups, like Bare Your Tits (expose female breasts since men walk shirtless) as an equal protection effort, alarmed Christians and evangelicals, who went to Trump. Thus, Democrats, in order to prevent Trump success of any kind, are grasping at straws, whose main focus is to impeach Trump and remove him from office.

A Hawaiian judge has blocked Trump’s immigration directives on the basis of Trump’s prior racist political statements.

Never Trumpists have underestimated Trump before. They remain in a state of denial that Trump is now President Trump and they are like grasshoppers before him.