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Don’t scatter your seeds everywhere, Mbeu

Dear Ashton ‘Mbeu’ Nyahora

It has been a long time since we last met and I hope you are doing well. Mbeu, I admire your work and you are one of my favourite young musicians because of the way you do your music.

I thank your mentor Oliver Mtukudzi for nurturing good talent and it is great that Pakare Paye Arts Centre continues to bring out good artistes. You are still in your prime days in the industry and you have been active like an established musician. You hold shows weekly. You have won attention in the industry and people of various backgrounds are following you. That is the beginning of fame.

Although numbers are not yet that big at your gigs, you have shown that you have the potential to make it in this industry. Elder Zex was never extremely popular, but knows the challenges that come with fame.

After reading an article about the way you left your pregnant wife to stay with another woman, I was disappointed. I was in the music industry and I know the hazards of that profession.

I know how women throw themselves at artistes whenever they get a chance. It needs a strong character youngman. They will come in all shapes, colours and sizes and throw themselves at you.

Most musicians have fallen into that trap. Elder Zex was trapped several times and I must admit that in the early days I thought it was fun to have private time with those ladies.

As I said before, Elder Zex was not very popular but that little fame brought them my way in unexpected numbers. I later realised they had nothing to lose. I was falling for them at my own peril. The moment I made that realisation I stopped the game. Luck enough it was an early realisation.

Some of my fellow singers that thought the fun was part of the industry are now regretting. Some of them are late. I am speaking from experience, Mbeu, and I feel obliged to give you a piece of advice.

Those women will destroy you my younger brother. I hear you are falling into their traps regularly and you have shared private moments with quite a number.

You have to watch your step. You might have words to justify why you left your wife, but I am worried about the way your pals say you are dishing out your seeds to these ladies. Your wife is carrying your seed and she needs your support. It does not help you to scatter your seeds everywhere.

Elder Zex is getting worried at the way you, young musicians, are brave with your private parts.

When Gonyeti spilled the beans about her affair with Jah Prayzah, she revealed they were having unprotected sex.

Recently, Beverly Sibanda revealed that she was playing the same sport with Andy Muridzo. It seems a spirit of bravery is possessing our youngsters. I do not want to call it recklessness for obvious reasons.

There are a number of musicians who destroyed their careers in that manner. This fame has its challenges, Mbeu. Just watch your step and know that those women always lure celebrities. They are up to no good. You should learn to avoid and resist. I know the lady who is said to have lured you this time around. That lady from the popular city joint.

You are not the first one to fall into her trap. Ask around. I know another young musician from a Midlands town who had a dance with her.

Just be careful young man. You have a bright future, Mbeu.Always remember that fame will expose you to endless dangers.

Elder Zex is a multi-talented artist and arts critic. The Herald