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ZANU PF cars fight an insult to the suffering masses

By Jacob Mafume

The current selfish fight in ZANU PF over the allocation of party vehicles further vindicates our call to unite and liquidate the ZANU PF dictatorship; it is a party which only focuses on self aggrandizement, patronage and relentless looting.

Jacob Mafume
Jacob Mafume


ZANU PF have got the comfort to be fighting over petty elite issues like cars mainly because the opposition has not managed to come together and amplify the voices of the Zimbabwean masses who have been subjected to unpalatable suffering by an unrepentant regime.

They even used state funds to buy expensive cars in an elector-centric agenda when the economy is in comatose, massive industrialization, high unemployment and abject poverty. US20 million dollars has been splashed to purchase off -road vehicles and buses.

Purchase of vehicles is just but a tip of an iceberg in an ocean with a plethora of misplaced selfish priorities.

Mugabe is the head of the snake with his infinite overseas trips, unreasonable packs for ministers, ghost workers on the government payroll, corrupt misappropriation of state funds and funding of multiple ZANU PF conferences including bashes where the ruling elite eat 92 kilograms of black forest cake in the midst of starving villagers.

While ZANU is busy in all this the pothole situation continues to worsen when ZINARA is busy misusing funds meant for road maintenance and development, the humanitarian crisis is worsening with more people contracting typhoid, no improvement in the public health system. Many times hospitals have closed because of shortage of drugs including basics like painkillers.

While the nation is burning the people who claim to have been mandated to hold the executive accountable and provide oversight are also sleeping on duty as evidenced by the postponement of the debate of the Finance Bill owing to the number of legislators who could not constitute a quorum of a paltry 70 members out of 270 MPs.

The sum total of it all is that there is a crisis of leadership which we defined at Mandel in 2014 and further explained in both the Agenda for Restoration and Rehabilitation of Electoral Sustainability ARREST and in HOPE. In both documents we suggest that Zimbabweans must stand up and demand a National Transitional Authority just to save the economy, buy the peace and implement a reform agenda that will culminate into a credible, sustainable election.

We call upon all the democratic forces to wake up from slumber and challenge ZANU PF, demand reforms, build a broad-inclusive coalition which is the only way to liquidate the hegemony and stop the current madness.

Together Another Zimbabwe Is Possible!!!

Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson