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Gold baron loses 10 mining claims

By Cynthia Dube

Esigodini gold baron, Baron Dube, has lost 10 gold mines in Matabeleland South after the State forfeited them under unclear circumstances.

Gold baron Baron Dube and estranged wife Nikki Cameron in happier times
Gold baron Baron Dube and estranged wife Nikki Cameron in happier times

This came out in court after Dube (42) was dragged to the Maintenance Court by his wife Ms Nikki Dube (23).

The woman was seeking $650 per month for the upkeep of their three children aged four years, one year and five months.

The couple argued in court two weeks ago over how many mines Dube has until Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya ordered him to bring all his mining licences to court.

Dube of Habani Township in Esigodini brought a letter from the Acting Provincial Mining Director Matabeleland South identified only as Mr W Chibvoota showing that he had 11 mines, but has been left with only one.

“Dube had 11 mines in Matabeleland South province. The State has forfeited Chilli North, Duizend Tree 10, Duizend Tree North, Grange Brook 38, New Eclipse 11, Henrick West, Kudu West, Malungwane, Kudu North and Ncema East. He has been left with only Mosethals East,” reads Mr Chibvoota’s letter which the magistrate read in court.

Dube told the magistrate that the State forfeited his mines because he had inadequate mining equipment.

It was not stated when the mines were forfeited.

Mr Tashaya then ordered Dube to pay $400 per month towards the upkeep of his children.

Last week, Ms Dube rejected $150 that was offered by Dube saying it was too little.

The woman claimed Dube realises nearly $10 000 per month and had six gold mines, a farm, four shops and 200 head of cattle.

However, the gold baron said he now has only 46 head after 154 others died due to leopard attacks, plant poisoning and lumpy skin disease.

He told the court that he can afford to pay $150 per month because his business was no longer performing well as he makes only $5 000 per year.

“I have a butchery, night club, restaurant and a shop in Esigodini and I am raising nearly $1 000 per month from all of them but I take home $300 per month after paying rentals. I sell 40 cattle every after two years and get $10 000. I use the money to pay my workers and pay tax,” he said.

Dube also handed over six birth certificates to the magistrate and said all the children depended on him. The Chronicle