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Penniless, barefoot man wins car

By Nqobile Tshili and Crystabel Chikayi

A 23 YEAR OLD man who was about to give up on life is basking in glory after winning a car in a Baker’s Inn competition. Mr Proud Mugiyo of Nkulumane suburb turned up barefoot to claim his prize, a VW Polo from Baker’s Inn.

Bare footed Proud Mugiyo celebrates with his family after winning the buy and win grand prize.

After nearly losing hope on life due to alleged bad luck in his vending business, Mr Mugiyo could not believe that two months after buying two loaves of bread at a supermarket in Nketa suburb, he would be owning a car.

The Baker’s Inn draw was conducted on Wednesday at City Hall and when his name was called out, Mr Mugiyo was nowhere to be found.

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He now owns a car, but he does not have a cellphone, thus contacting him was a challenge for Baker’s Inn officials. He does not have a driver’s licence, he does not have a girlfriend. He is living at his aunt’s house as a caretaker.

“I was just relaxing at home when the Baker’s Inn people came to collect me so that I could receive my car. When the draw was done my aunt who stays in Sizinda was in attendance at City Hall.

“She then alerted them of my whereabouts. They couldn’t communicate with me directly because I don’t have a cellphone,” said an elated Mr Mugiyo in an interview at his residence.

“So when the Baker’s Inn guys came here I just jumped bare foot and entered their car. That’s how I ended up collecting it bare foot. Please get me right, I have shoes, it was just an emergency, I just had to rush.”

He said he had not expected to win the car and his mother who lives in Gutu could not believe that her son now owned a vehicle.

“I’m definitely keeping the car. I’m hoping to get a driver’s licence because I don’t want to be in trouble with the police. In the meantime my friend from church will be driving me around,” he said.

Mr Mugiyo said he was about to give up on life before winning the car.

“I used to go and buy bananas in Mutare so that I could re-sell them here. My first trip was very successful. When I went for the second time police intercepted me and confiscated my stuff since I didn’t have a trading licence.

“I acquired the licence and when I went back to Mutare my goods were stolen. I lost everything. That’s when I even lost my cellphone. I was about to give up on life because all was going wrong in my life,” said Mr Mugiyo.

He said winning the car has given him hope for life.

“I’m going to continue doing what I was doing. I don’t know whether I should thank Baker’s Inn or the Zimbabweans who buy the bread for winning this car,” he said.

“One day I bought Baker’s Inn bread and they told me they had a promotion. I bought two loaves, which is what was required to enter the promotion.

“I was just trying out my luck there, I didn’t even think I would win,” said Mr Mugiyo. He said that he had long forgotten of the promotion when he heard that he had won a car.

“I cannot believe this is happening. I am penniless and driving a car was the last thing on my mind. I am very happy with what Baker’s Inn has done for me. They took me from being something to being someone. I am very grateful,” said Mr Mugiyo.

Baker’s Inn chief executive, Mr Ngoni Mazango said the grand draw was a way of giving back to society.

“To us, running a business is not about money only, but about ploughing back to the society. The promotions are a continuous programme aimed at empowering our customers.”

He said they were also aiming at opening another factory in Bulawayo by August next year as a way of meeting demand for their bread.

“That will also give employment opportunities to the community members,” said Mr Mazango whose company produces 800 000 loaves of bread and 200 000 pies a day. The Chronicle