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Maintenance hearing exposes granddad incest

By Cynthia Dube

A woman from Bulawayo’s Pumula suburb yesterday dragged her grandfather to court seeking $180 maintenance after they sired a child together following what she said were months of a complicated love affair.

court-gavelMs Olivia Moyo (29) told Bulawayo Magistrate Mr Manasa Musiiwa that she has a five- year-old child with her grandfather, Mr Simanga Ncube, who is in his 70s.

She said she was struggling to maintain the child.

Ms Moyo said she took long to approach the courts as her family members said she had embarrassed them by bedding her grandfather when her grandmother was still alive.

It was not stated in court if Mr Ncube was her paternal or maternal grandfather.

“Your worship, the reason why I’m here today is because my grandfather doesn’t want to support our child. I need $180 so that I can manage to buy food and clothes for the child. Next year she is going to Grade One and I need school fees,” she said.

“I know I’ve disappointed my parents by coming to court because they said I embarrassed them by having sexual intercourse with my grandfather. I was tempted and we loved each other for few months.”

Mr Ncube told the court that he could not afford the money that was claimed by his granddaughter as he was old and does not have strength to work for himself.

In addition, he said he was not sure if he was the father of his granddaughter’s child and demanded a paternity test.

“I think I had sexual intercourse with my granddaughter eight years ago and if the child is five years, that’s another story. I can afford to give her $15 every month and look for money so that we can go for a paternity test,” said Mr Ncube.

He said for the past five years he used to hear that he was the father of the child but Ms Moyo never informed him.

The magistrate ordered him to pay $40 per month into Ms Moyo bank account for the upkeep of their child.

“You’re further ordered to fund for and facilitate the carrying out of the paternity test within six months from this month end, failure of which this order becomes final,” said Mr Musiiwa. Chronicle