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Director’s wife wants $1 700 maintenance

By Cynthia Dube

A Zimplow director has been dragged to the Maintenance Court by his wife seeking $1 700 for her upkeep as well as that of her two children, but she may end up getting more if a magistrate establishes that her husband lied about his salary.

gavelStanley Ndlovu allegedly vacated his house in Bulawayo’s Hillside suburb leaving his wife Mrs Esenia Ndlovu and two minor children.

The reasons why Ndlovu left his matrimonial home were not revealed in court but his wife called him an irresponsible man before demanding $1 700 for the trio’s upkeep.

Ndlovu is already paying maintenance for two children sired with another woman. He said he could not afford the $1 700 his wife was demanding as he earns $1 300 per month.

“Your Worship, l pay $550 per month where l am renting, $1 500 for school fees for my child who is at Petra School and $1 100 for my other child who is at Masiyephambili Primary school. I also pay $70 gym fees every month,” Ndlovu said.

However, Mrs Ndlovu produced her husband’s pay slip showing that he earns $7 100 per month, not $1 300 as he had alleged.

In defence, Ndlovu said there were deductions that do not appear on his pay slip that include one for a loan and another for medical aid among others.

The court also heard that Zimplow was also deducting $2 500 every month from his salary because he allegedly misused company funds when he was sent to attend a workshop in China.

Bulawayo Magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya postponed the case to today and ordered Mrs Ndlovu to confirm whether it was true that there were some deductions from her husband’s salary.

Ndlovu said he was a key member of the company and cannot be wasting time coming to court.

He said he was no longer opposed to his wife getting $1 700 which she was claiming.

Mr Tashaya said he cannot grant the application before his wife establishes the salary deductions as there were chances that Mrs Ndlovu deserves more than what she was claiming.

“The reason why you’re here in court is because you don’t want to take care of your children. My duty is to make sure that irresponsible parents contribute to the upkeep of their children. Come back to court on Thursday this week,” said the magistrate.

In June, Ndlovu was dragged to the maintenance court by another woman Ms Edina Litima and he was ordered to pay $284 for the upkeep of their two children. Chronicle