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Death threats for gold baron’s gang

By Richard Muponde

Esigodini gold baron, Mr Baron Dube has said he is now living in fear after one of his gang members received death threats from people who allegedly murdered his nephew in bloody clashes last week.

Police officers inspect the body of Qalisani Moyo in Filabusi yesterday
Police officers inspect the body of Qalisani Moyo in Filabusi

The death threats have since been reported to the police.

Mr Dube and a rival Filabusi group are involved in a fight over the ownership of Mosentase gold claim located at HeyHill mine.

It has since emerged that police have barred the gold baron from visiting the gold claim.

Mr Dube said the claim belongs to him and last week his nephew, Qalisani Moyo was killed after he led a group of gold panners to wrest it from his rivals.

Moyo was buried last Thursday at his rural home in Filabusi and police have said they are investigating his murder.

One of the gang members who survived last week’s bloody clashes, Mr Previous Sibanda who works for Mr Dube and was allegedly axed on the arm, said he received death threats from a member of the rival group only identified as Thando.

Mr Sibanda reported the matter at Esigodini Police Station.

Matabeleland police spokesperson, Inspector Philisani Ndebele could not be reached for comment.

Yesterday, Mr Sibanda said he reported the matter to the police under CR number 23/11/16.

“He phoned me last week threatening to kill me if ever I dare visit the mine. He said I was lucky to be alive as they also want to kill me. I reported the matter to the police as I now live in fear. Thando is one of those who attacked me and Qalisani,” said Mr Sibanda.

Mr Dube said what was worrying was that the people who killed his nephew have not been arrested. “It appears the suspects are being protected by some powerful people.

“What the police have only done is to bar me from visiting my mine,” said Mr Dube.

He said when he was busy with funeral arrangements for his nephew, his rivals resumed mining activities at the gold claim.

“These people are continuing to loot gold from my claim without papers,” he said.

Moyo, who was popularly known as “Friday” was killed just after his release from remand prison for assaulting police officers. He allegedly committed the crime in the company of his gang in a bid to force police to release some robbery suspects.

Moyo and his squad also allegedly damaged a police vehicle and deflated its tyres using Okapi knives.

Mr Dube said last Thursday night he saw a UD truck and two tractors loading ore from the gold claim and notified the police but no action was taken.

“When I notified them they just ignored me and since I was rushing to attend my nephew’s burial, there was nothing I could do,” said Mr Dube.

Moyo was killed on Monday last week when he and 14 others were allegedly attacked when they visited the gold claim. Police have accused Mr Dube of mobilising his gang members to attack the other group. The Chronicle