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22 years for armed robber…. he tells magistrate ‘I don’t care’

By Tanaka Mrewa

A man from Insiza who robbed two ‘osiphatheleni’ of more than R30 000 at gunpoint at Selbourne Hotel in Bulawayo has been sentenced to 22 years in jail.

Mpumelelo Moyo
Mpumelelo Moyo

Mpumelelo Moyo (41) and his accomplice Zama Tshuma, who is still at large, shot one of their victims on the knee before robbing him of R30 000 and $600.

Moyo pleaded not guilty to armed robbery and attempted murder but Bulawayo Regional Magistrate Mr Mark Dzira convicted him of both charges and sentenced him to 12 years in jail for armed robbery and 10 years for attempted murder.

Moyo seemed unrepentant as Mr Dzira delivered his judgment and threatened his victim.

“You claimed that you are the one who was robbed but you could not produce any evidence. This court could not doubt the complainant’s evidence that you shot him because even when the police searched you they found the gun used at the scene in your underpants. You could not challenge that,” said Mr Dzira.

“The fact that you pointed the gun at the complainant and pulled the trigger shows that you intended to kill him. It was fortunate that the gun jammed as you tried to shoot at him the first time. It was during a fight over the gun that complainant was shot on the knee. He could have died on the spot had you aimed at a delicate part of his body.”

In mitigation, Moyo said he did not care what sentence was imposed on him as the judgment was against him.

“You can pass any sentence that you want. I’m not satisfied with this judgment and I want to appeal. Just give my sentence so that I can go.

“Pass me some papers so that I can appeal at the High Court. Whether this court exercises lenience or not I don’t care,” said Moyo.

Mr Dzira told Moyo that he was an undesirable member of society who had no respect for life.

“You can’t even ask politely for papers so I won’t give you. Your offences were committed in aggravating circumstances. On top of that you show no remorse over your actions. You’re a societal misfit. You have no respect for life. There’s no room for lenience for you so no years will be suspended from your sentence.”

As Moyo was being led away by prison officers, he pointed two fingers at Ngulube who was in the gallery in a gun pose.

Mr Tinashe Dzipe, for the State, said on February 22 this year, Moyo and his accomplice Tshuma, who is still on the run, fired two bullets and one hit Ngulube on the knee.

The duo had booked a room at the hotel and lured the osiphatheleni Simbarashe Nyamutero and Ngulube to their hotel room.

They pretended that they wanted to change South African currency before robbing them of R30 000 and $600.

“Ngulube attempted to run away but he was shot on the knee and the second bullet missed him. Nyamutero forced open a door to the balcony and shouted for help from members of the public. The accused persons fled from the room. Moyo was apprehended by members of the public who assaulted him,” said Mr Dzipe. The Chronicle