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Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri launches new mobile network in South Africa

Mobile telecommunication operators in South Africa have been served with a new competitor whose launch signified a tough promise on the competition front.

Shepherd Bushiri
Shepherd Bushiri

The South Africa – based Malawi prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, officially unveiled his telecommunication company called PSB Connect, hot on the heels of yet another official launch of a mining project in Zambia.

Speaking on the launch which took place in Gallagher Estate in Midrand – South Africa, Bushiri enjoyed the honour of PSB Connect being the first telecommunication company owned by a black proprietor and the first to be under solo ownership.

In his statement, the wealthy prophet disclosed that PSB Connect is spirited to push itself to the frontline of the telecommunication market space by providing excellent and affordable services to customers to quality measures never experienced before.

“Your phone is not just going to be a phone anymore. It’s going to be your office. In this era when businesses are moving away from buildings to internet, a reliable and convenient network platform becomes a must,” he said.

“PSB Connect will offer services that will provide enjoyment to its subscribers while paying less. You will be able to make calls at, as cheap as, 90 Cents per minute. Cheap data programs have been aligned to suit a variety of users but at cheap cost,” said Bushiri.

“We are going to partake, we are going to pursue, and we are going to overtake!” he declared amid a thunder of applause, clearly shooting a warning to available telecommunication service providers.

Reacting to a question if he thinks Malawians are willing to embrace his growth, the prophet said “it’s up to Malawians to either be inspired or intimidated.”

During the launch, PSB-branded ready activated SIM Cards were issued out for free, a strategy which saw thousands of people getting connected on the network.

Sharing the business’ projections, Bushiri said PSB Connect will shortly establish over 70 thousand WiFi hotspot centers throughout South Africa, to be followed by several other exciting initiatives.

PSB Connect is falling under Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (PSB) Investments, a conglomerate with several business lines including air transport, hotels, real estate, consultancy, mining and education.

During his short-styled speech, the business luminary Bushiri disclosed that in two weeks’ time, there will be another launch for PSB University with its campus situated in Pretoria.

“Two weeks from now, we are having another launch where we will be opening a university. Everything is set in place and the campus is in Pretoria.

“Three weeks from now, we will also be launching Shepherd Bushiri University in Pretoria,” disclosed Bushiri to the awe of the jam-packed auditorium. He also said three months down the line, PSB Investments will launch a bank.

The network will reward users with free data and calls for five months and they are geared to offer fastest internet in South Africa. Bushiri becomes the first individual to launch a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in South Africa.

The PSB Launch was graced by Prophet Uebert Angel of Zimbabwe (but UK based) as the guest of honour. He is also the spiritual father of Prophet Bushiri. Nyasa Times