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Jilted prostitute bites chunk off man’s ear… jailed 6 months

By Fairness Moyana

A prostitute who went haywire when a man turned down her sexual advances and bit off a chunk of his ear, has been sentenced to two years in prison.

File picture of a Zimbabwean sex worker
File picture of a Zimbabwean sex worker

Beauty Zhou (23) of Mpumalanga Township in Hwange but lodging in Binga, could not believe Mr Bee Mukonka (33) was not interested in having sex with her.

Zhou, who is known for wooing clients by suggestively caressing their manhood at a beer garden in Binga, grabbed Mr Mukonka’s manhood but he brushed her aside, leading to a standoff.

Yesterday, she pleaded not guilty to assault before Binga resident magistrate Mrs Aelene Munamati but was convicted due to overwhelming evidence.

Mrs Munamati sentenced her to 24 months in prison of which 18 months were suspended leaving Zhou to serve an effective six months in jail.

Handing down sentence, Mrs Munamati chided Zhou for the uncouth method she used to attract clients. She said men in Binga were now afraid of the hooker. Zhou said she acted in self-defence after Mr Mukonka attacked her over an undisclosed issue.

“Your Worship I’m a commercial sex worker and came to Binga to look for money. “On the day in question we had a misunderstanding with the complainant leading to a fight. It is then that I bit his ear as I was trying to defend myself,” said Zhou.

State witnesses dismissed her claims. They said Zhou was in the habit of caressing her potential clients’ private parts. Prosecuting, Mr Bruce Maphosa said on August 13, 2016, Mr Mukonka entered Kula Beer garden in Binga where he saw Zhou sitting close to the entrance. Suddenly she grabbed his private parts and started playing with them.

Confused by the sudden turn of events, Mr Mukonka bent down to protect his manhood and asked Zhou what she was doing. Stung by the rebuff, Mr Maphosa said, Zhou threw a tantrum and attacked Mr Mukonka.

“She responded by biting his ear. She ripped off a chunk of the ear as other patrons tried in vain to restrain her. “Mukonka lost most of his ear as a result of the assault and was referred to Binga District Hospital for treatment. “A report was made to the police leading to her arrest,” said the prosecutor. The Chronicle