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Leave me out of your Karanga battles – Fidelis Fengu

By Fidelis Fengu

I would like to state that Archford Guvuriro is seeking political relevance by associating himself with me and Energy Mutodi.

Fidelis Fengu
Fidelis Fengu

I have never met this Archford character and I totally distance myself from this statement that exudes political immaturity at best and stupidity at worst.

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If the authors of that statement thinking they are helping Mnangagwa then they are wrong because anyone criticising President Mugabe is also criticising Mnangagwa because he has been a top aide to Gushungo and high ranking official since 1980

I believe that those who sent him have better use of their time and resources and if they are clever they should be on the ground mobilising support.

Yes , ZANU PF needs reform and yes I personally think Gushungo should not stand in 2018 but that is congress’ decision to make and I will stand with what the people would have decided.

I am currently focusing on my personal spiritual life and am in the terraces of politics and it is unfair for people to draw me in and drop my name in issues that have nothing to do with me. First it was Baba Jukwa now this Archford character ….. siyanai neni ……

The only person I am aligned to at the moment is Jesus Christ zve ma faction handiko ikoko …… G40 …lacoste etc I am not interested the only politicians I will defend are Cde. Nicholas Goche a man I respect for his security and intelligence skills , Dr. O. Mpofu and Va Chombo only so please izvi zvenyu zve ma karanga battles handiko ikoko. Nehanda Radio