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Quotable Quotes: Youth Militia cheaper to use than War Vets

Political commentator Sanderson Makombe – “The militia under the National Service programme replaced War Vets as the shock troopers for Zanu PF electioneering purposes. The militia are cheap and have very low demands. The method has been to assimilate them into groups supported and directed by commissioned members of the military. The War Vets are only realising now that they are expendable and powerless.”

Notorious Zanu PF youth militia
Notorious Zanu PF youth militia

Political commentator Blessing Vava – “This might be the beginning of the end for the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, they have openly challenged their patron, and defended the expelled (Chris) Mutsvangwa from ZANU PF? They will be dealt with heavily….more raptures, isolation as others will be running back to Mugabe for forgiveness no sooner than later. This might also be the end of Mnangagwa’s ambitions as the war vets have declared their allegiance to him? A new Executive might be on its way to replace the Matemadanda’s, Mutsvangwa and Mahiya? G40 triumphs? Lets see how it unfolds after all they were Mugabe’s running dogs not so long ago.”

Pastor Gee – “When you vilify and assassinate an innocent mans character you push even those on the fence to support and follow his ideals and passion. You can sell propaganda in the media but you cannot stifle passion and inspiration based on truth and reality. Passion and inspiration based on truth and real issues will always catch fire and inspire a generation without the machinery or the resource of power.political or otherwise.We need to pray for our nation to stop eating its own deal with issues that affect people.”

Political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya – “The problems and divisions in ZANU PF happen at an interesting historic moment in Zimbabwe; broke state, corrupt and decomposition of the political, monumental changes in the configuration of the political economy of the state marked by seismic informalisation of the economy, political discontent,‪#‎Tajamuka‬, ‪#‎ThisFlag‬, ‪#‎civilservicesalaries‬.

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“In the past Mugabe gave war vets money (war victims compensation, 1997), land (hondo yeminda) and other patronage packs in the state through employment and deployments. Now, what will he give them? Coercion/violence alone wont work! Will distribution of urban land be enough as a patronage package to the various factions?”

Human rights activist Gladys Hlatywayo – “The attacks and accusations on Pastor Evan Mawarire by some political and civic actors are unsubstantiated, unfair, unnecessary and unstrategic. Surely you can not compete with Mr President to pounce on the good pastor! No one has title deeds to this struggle…. it is a peoples struggle. We must always remember that WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER and atsunya arwa! Let us stop criticizing citizen efforts and LET US DO OUR PART!”

Political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya – “ZANU PF’s deputy secretary for youths in the Politburo Kudzai Chipanga reminds us of Charles Ble Goude, youth leader and close ally of Ivorian ex-President Laurent Gbagbo who was arrested in 2011 and taken for trial at the International Criminal Court facing charges of genocide after mobilizing regime supporters to attack opponents of the regime in its last days.

“Chipanga’s anti-freedom protests will have consequences should civilians become victims. The political elite that he supports will dump him when justice knock on him personally. Learn from ‪#‎Tomana‬, ‪#‎Kereke‬ etc.”