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Please spare us the tomfoolery…. We want our country back

Dr Patson Dzamara

When the forerunner of the current wave of the citizens movement, Itai Dzamara, started his campaign he was labeled a ZANU PF agent by some. Only after his abduction did many people get to really understand his mission and it’s protected ramifications.

Brothers: Author Patson Dzamara and Itai Dzamara
Brothers: Author Patson Dzamara and Itai Dzamara

When I gathered the guts to take a stand over the abduction of Itai, I was labeled a ZANU PF decoy. Even now some people still hold on to the the theory that I am a CIO operative. It’s not only ridiculous but naïve.

Pastor Evan Mawarire hasn’t been spared the same tomfoolery and naivety inundated with the fingerprints of ZANU PF’s propaganda. I have been reading a lot of theories and conjectures about him suggesting that he is working under a ZANU PF mandate. That is nonsense and we must not romance it.

What I need to categorically state is the fact that this is the work of ZANU PF meant to distract us fellow Zimbabweans and we must not give it to them. We want our country back and nothing will stop us until we reclaim the country from the hands of this failed regime.

In the same vein, I urge you fellow Zimbabweans not to incline towards romancing trivia. We are all aware that our vain analysis and cowardice posture has not helped us in any way and so we must divorce it. Let’s cooperate with the season. It’s a season of transitioning.

We are excited by the efforts of different formations in trying to take a stand against leadership failure, oppression, poverty and corruption. Let us keep on moving until we get our country back from the hands of this cabal of gangsters.