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New women-only pressure group plans anti-Mugabe protest

By Tatenda Dewa | Harare Bureau |

Fresh protests pushing for President Robert Mugabe to leave office have been planned for Saturday by a new women-only pressure group.

New women-only pressure group plans Mugabe ouster
New women-only pressure group plans Mugabe ouster

Unlike the citizen activists who rocked the Mugabe regime through recent violent protests, the Saturday demonstrations will be led by politicians.

The protest, Beat the Pots Campaign, is being led by Theresa Makone, the MDC-T vice president, and its predominantly Bulawayo based organisers released a video on social media explaining the march.

In the video, a woman starts off beating a pot and states that she is doing so because there is hunger.

“We are hungry, we have no money and food, and we are beating pots because we have nothing to cook in them,” the woman says..

After that, Khupe steps in and urges Zimbabwean women to join on 16 July.

“I want to call upon every Zimbabwean woman to join us in the Beat the Pots Campaign, which will take place on July 16, 2016. It is going to be a peaceful demonstration against hunger and poverty. Bring your pots and cooking utensils and join us to show Mugabe’s government that enough is enough,” she says in the video.

The campaign, said the organisers, is also in protest against high unemployment. Recent protests were led by civil pressure groups that insisted that they were politically impartial.

Social media activists like Evan Mawarire, a pastor, helped spread the word about the protests. Nehanda Radio