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Grand futility of fragmented strikes

By Elijah Mangwengwende

The events of the past week have shaken many ZANU PF geriatrics from their traditional royalties and normal luxurious patterns of their daily lives. There is no doubt that people are fed up with the current regime, the fact that masses of people are awakening is not only encouraging but that’s only the beginning and it requires brains to map out a plan of action to confront the difficulties ahead.

Elijah Mangwengwende
Elijah Mangwengwende

Although the efforts of some brave citizens are highly commendable, the uncomfortable truth suffice to say Mugabe and ZANU PF will be happy to see that, Kombi operators strike, had running battles with police and resume normal operations, then Cross border traders burn ZIMRA offices in Beitbridge and resume normal operations, Teachers and nurses strike and resume operations then other Civil Servants strike and resume normal operations.

Civil servants have been bribed with one month salary and sheepishly went back to work not knowing where their August salaries will come from.  Crisis contained isn’t it?

As VP Mnangagwa unleashed his unsolicited and unwise rumblings stated that if you dream and find yourself ruled by anyone else other than ZANU PF then you must appease your ancestors by brewing traditional opaque beer.

It sounds humorous but his statement is pregnant with uncomfortable threats. Firstly he might be insinuating that ZANU PF will rule forever no matter what, something scary or he vividly knows that with almost hundred different political/activism organisations fighting ZANU PF, chances are very slim for ZANU PF to feel threatened either through ballot or an uprising. His sentiments are true to some extent.

Another rogue Minister recently said the strikes were fomented by outside forces. Really? He went further saying it’s not typical of our people to be violent. This is not only insulting but trash talk from someone out of touch with reality on the ground.

Way forward: Why supporting Tsvangirai is only viable option


Politics is a numbers game. Numbers determine all sorts of things: whether a party makes it into Parliament in the first place, whether a party gets to govern, whether they’re successful with legislation and in terms of this argument, whether they have the numbers to lead.

If you can’t count then you should steer clear of politics. Let’s assume by grace of God that ZANU PF and the military allow people to exercise their constitutional right to vote at will, how many people will be insane enough to vote for Mangoma’s party except if ZANU PF generously give him some as rigging strategy, same applies to Welshman Ncube’s “MDC”, he only has 2 people in both houses through proportional representation and his few “supporters” migrated en-masse to wherever only God knows. He never held a single rally and I wonder what he can bring to the coalition. Nothing except himself, his wife, kids, cats and daughters in-law, through cultural respect of course.

Then there is PDP led by Tendai Biti. They split from MDC claiming that Tsvangirai was undemocratic yet they had a congress with leaders already installed at Sipepa Nkomo’s house, prior to that Mangoma was bashed and unceremoniously kicked out, and formed Democratic Renewals whatsoever, which turned to be a fighting ground for adultery claims, again they can’t even draw 50 people to their rallies, so again I wonder what they can bring to that coalition.

There are about 75 political organisations in Zimbabwe including Lovemore Madhuku’s NCA, well known and famous for electoral defeats in all by elections at ward, council and national level.

Mai Mujuru Project

Mai Mujuru’s ZimPF looks like ZANU PF-lite in nature, the gathering at Stanley Square in Bulawayo leaves a lot to be desired although she has the potential impact to spoil the freedom train like Simba Makoni’s Kusile project,  if she is serious then she is welcome to join Tsvangirai unconditionally otherwise we can be stuck again come 2018.

The small venue was to give impression of a bumper crowd as the White city stadium would have reflected so many empty seats and send a signal of apathy. So it was all about making positive impressions of popular support. We can’t afford political games any longer as the country is burning.


#ThisFlag, Occupy Africa Unity Square, #OurFlag, just to mention a few. Without being personal, I commend their bravery but the question we have a phobia to ask is, do they have the capacity to mobilise the people?

Truth on the ground is that Civil Servants organised their strike for non-payment of June salaries and immediately reported for work after being paid and the above mentioned movements took advantage and went on social media claiming that #ZimShutdown was the brain child of Kombi and civil servants strikes. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Truth be told, we have many people seeking individual glory at the expense of everyone. I personally don’t see anything tangible coming out from hundreds of different groupings with different agendas and different ideologies.

Only benefactor is ZANU PF taking advantage of fragmented opposition movements. We can’t afford to play with citizens, we must tell the truth and come up with a sustainable strategy as one people. We can’t be all leaders at one given period.

ZANU PF is burning and this is the time to speak with one voice otherwise they might regroup and the suffering will continue unabated.


Perennial wisdom dictates that “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We all know Zanu pf’s divide and rule tactics since 1980, we can’t afford to keep on crying while repeating same things and wait to cry again.

Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, Joyce Mujuru, Elton Mangoma, Simba Makoni, Egypt Dzinemunhenzva, Pastor Mawarire, Lovemore Madhuku and all unknown leaders of the likes of NDU, PPP, ZPD, ZUPCO etc must reconsider their stance and rally behind Morgan Tsvangirai as sole candidate in 2018 to avoid prolonging the suffering of Zimbabwean people, otherwise people will never forgive them for being used by ZANU PF knowing very well they stand no chance of winning presidential elections.

Elijah Mangwengwende writes in his personal capacity