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Dino Mudondo unlucky in love… singer wants ex-wife back

By Godwin Muzari – Memory Lane

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When Dino Mudondo composed one of his first recorded songs, “Chirangano” in 2002, he was imploring his lover not to forget the vow of loving him forever.

Singer Dino Mudondo seen here with fellow singers Hope Masike (second from left) and Diana 'Mangwenya" Samkange
Singer Dino Mudondo seen here with fellow singers Hope Masike (second from left) and Diana ‘Mangwenya” Samkange

It was a song based on reality and Dino carefully chose his lyrics to tell his lover how much he loved her and was looking forward to a blissful marriage.

Unfortunately, the song ended up in the archives of the musician’s youthful love wishes that never materialised. His lover could not keep the vow and she married someone else.

While his music career was slowly blossoming, his love life also looked bright as he eventually met the girl he chose to share his life with.

Dino got married and had his first daughter before his wife went to study in the United Kingdom, prompting him to pen the song “Ndichakumirira” promising to wait for her until her return.

However, things did not flow smoothly for Dino and many other issues linked to love have happened in his life since then.

When he went down memory lane early this week, the musician talked about his love life, career and also gave a hint on his future plans.

After releasing “Ndichakumirira”, Dino initially stood by his promise and his wife returned three years later and they had their second daughter.

When the wife went back to the UK to further her studies, the long distance began affecting their relationship and the marriage eventually collapsed.

Dino was back on the hunting terrain again, looking for love.

Because of the popularity he had garnered through music, he met many prospective ‘‘wives’’, but he went for more years searching for another better half.

Then he met the famous Cecilia Dapeta who also became his manager. Love conquered their professional relationship and the two openly declared their intentions to get married.

The relationship ended on a sad note with the musician publicly revealing that he had lived the hell of Cecilia’s arms. He talked about bizarre rituals that he had been forced to engage in and said he had learnt his lessons.

After Cecilia’s exit, in came a girl named Ruth. Dino says he thought he had finally found the girl of his dreams and went on to compose the song “Ndakakupiwa NaMwari”.

As Dino was planning to get settled with her, it turned out that the lady was also seeing Peter Moyo and that derailed all plans.

Dino has tried his luck with two other ladies but every plan to get settled hit a brick wall.

Now, the musician has penned a song titled “Ngatidzokerane” on his upcoming album. This time, the song is dedicated to the mother of his daughters who is now based in Harare.

Dino is ready for reconciliation.

“Many people have said I am unlucky in love. I do not know how to take it but I believe many of these relationships were not meant for me. There were times when I really felt I had found my best partner, but everything would just fall away,” said Dino.

“I have gone through a lot and I believe the best thing is to get back with the mother of my children. I am turning 38 on August 7 and I think it is now time to make a final decision.

“We had our difference with my ex-wife, but she is the only one I got married to and had children with. I do not have any other child and these daughters always try to bring us together.

“I penned the song ‘Ngatidzokerane’ as a suggestion to my ex-wife that things might work out if we live as a family again. She never got married after our separation and we meet regularly.

“We visit our children at school together and we celebrate their birthdays together. I see a bond building because of these children.

“I feel I have had enough and I just want to settle down. Our separation was mainly due to distance and things might work out now because she is back home.”

Dino’s daughters are aged 13 and 10 and are currently staying with their mother. The musician says he is now putting all his focus on developing his music career.

He says he has not been involved in any serious relationship for some time because he is ‘‘unlucky in love’’.

“Even if we do not finally get together with my ex-wife, I will not continue searching. I have learnt my lessons and currently all my love is dedicated towards my music.”

The musician is looking forward to launching his 19th album titled “Chibaba CheReggae” that will also carry the song “Ngatidzokerane”.

Dino says the response to the new songs has been good and he was glad with the success of his recent tour of South Africa. “Things might be a bit low in my career, but I am looking forward to a bright future. I will launch my album at The Volt on August 7 when I will also be celebrating my birthday. It will be a celebration of a career that has come a long way.”

Dino started his music career in the early 2000s when he did backing vocals for the late musicians Tendai Mupfurutsa and Fortune Muparutsa.

When the late Simon Chimbetu heard him doing vocals, he encouraged him to pursue a solo career and he recorded the single ‘‘Makorokoto’’ in 2002. His producer Delani Makhalima invited Willom Tight to feature on one of Dino’s songs and the collaboration became a hit.

When Dino joined Willom for the first time on stage at Sports Diner in 2003, he realised people liked his performance and they sealed a deal to work together as a duo.

Dino and Willom’s combination was one of the best locally and they toured many parts of the country and also performed in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, DRC and Tanzania.

They went through thick and thin before parting ways with Dino forming his Muffin Family (now Rasta Kwasa Family) and releasing his first solo project titled “Rasta Kwasa”.

The musician has happy and sad memories of his career with Willom.

“The most difficult part of our career together came when we travelled for a show in DRC. There was a big festival where we were going to share the stage with Brenda Fassie, Koffi Olomide, Werrason and Awilo Longomba among others.

“We were happy to travel for the first time for such a great festival, but it turned out to be a sad trip. I received a message of my grandfather’s death while we were at the airport before our departure and it seems a curse followed us all the way.

“Venues for shows were changed haphazardly and we ended up staying in filthy lodges because the promoter had not paid us. We came back very sad.

‘‘It was a painful journey. Although we eventually got paid some weeks after returning home. We did not enjoy the experience at all.”

Dino says he has respect for Willom because of how they worked together and hopes they will do a collaborative album soon. Willom is expected to grace Dino’s album launch in August so that they can take fans down memory lane to their days of glory. The Herald