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Indian nationals in the dock for rape in Zimbabwe

By Tarisai Machakaire

An Indian national who does consultancy for a company that is sponsoring the ongoing India-Zimbabwe ODI series and a fan who reportedly raped a local woman while booked at Meikles Hotel in Harare appeared in court yesterday.

Miekles Hotel suite in Harare
Miekles Hotel suite in Harare

Krishna Satyanarayana Gandlur, 33, and Ravi Krishnan, 40, appeared before Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo charged with rape.

They were represented by Dumisani Mthombeni.

Prosecutor Peter Kachirika alleged that on June 16 Gandlur and Krishnan were booked in rooms 968 and 951, respectively, while the victim was in 969.

The court heard that around midnight Gandlur invited the woman into his room for a drink and introduced her to Krishnan.

The two accused persons then ordered red wine and forced the complainant to drink some.

It was alleged that Gandlur attempted to kiss the woman but she resisted.

The court heard that when she was drunk, Gandlur took advantage and forcibly had anal sexual intercourse with her.

When the woman woke up the following morning in her room she found herself wearing only a bra and her pants were on the floor.

According to court papers, the woman’s sheets were blood-stained and she also found cigarettes on the side table.

The woman then narrated the ordeal to the hotel’s management before reporting the case to police officers who were at the scene.

Gandlur was positively identified by the woman and immediately arrested.

Krishnan was arrested later. Daily News