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Africa Unity Square protesters disown activist

By Tatenda Dewa | Harare Bureau |

Leadership problems have rocked protesters pushing for President Robert Mugabe’s exit through a 16-day sit-in at Africa Unity Square, leading to the ouster of a founding member.

Young activists pushing for President Robert Mugabe’s ouster have vowed they will continue with their 16-day protests
Young activists pushing for President Robert Mugabe’s ouster have vowed they will continue with their 16-day protests

The protesters on Tuesday issued a statement disowning Lynette Tendayi Mudehwe who was among the group that started the campaign on June 1.

She is the leader of the Zimbabwe Activist Alliance that started off the campaign against Mugabe’s rule which the protesters said had brought misery to Zimbabwe through a drawn-out economic crisis.

Mudehwe subsequently invited other groups and individuals to join the protest, among them former Zanu PF member, Acie Lumumba, and Patson Dzamara, younger brother to disappeared journalist-cum-activist, Itai Dzamara.

The statement was signed by current coordinator and head of Women in Politics Alliance, Linda Masarira, who now jointly leads the occupation with Patson.

Mudehwe was offloaded for unspecified disciplinary matters.

“Any movement in its beginning stages goes through a learning process as it grows and we have settled into the roles that come naturally to us. In this course of this has arisen internal issues of discipline which we have now dealt with,

“As a result, we wish to make it clear that one Lynette Tendayi Mudehwe is no longer part of the occupation. He comments and statements should not be construed as representing us. For any correspondence, please approach cdes (comrades) Linda Ttsungirirayi Hungwe and Patson Dzamara,’ read the statement.

Government controlled media on Wednesday exposed angry retorts between Patson and Mudehwe that were made through Whatsapp.

It is not clear how the media accessed the private conversations but Masarira on Monday told Nehanda Radio that suspected State security agents confiscated their phones on Saturday.

In her statement, Masarira said the media reports lacked credibility.

The conversations showed serious disagreements between Patson and Mudehwe who were reported to be fighting to lead the larger group of protesters.

The media reports suggested that Mudehwe was bent on monoplosing the occupation, while she accused Patson of attempting to derail the movement. Nehanda Radio