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Chocolate denies using Juju, says “men like my booty”

By Rest Mutore

Popular dancer Chocolate – real name Vimbai Muzuva – has dismissed claims that she uses love potions to lure men to her shows.

Vimbai Choco Muzuva
Vimbai Choco Muzuva

Over the years, there have been reports that Chocolate uses juju against her competitors but she said her well-built body is her strength and a number of men want to see her on stage.

“The issue is simple, everyone wants to see my nice body and my booty,” says Chocolate.

“I don’t worry about the accusations. I read about them on social media. People say a lot about me but they are to realise that I am the charm myself.

“Whenever people see me on stage, they become addicted to me and that is when they say I use juju. I am not worried,” she says.

Chocolate brags she turns heads wherever she goes and that has been the case even when she was a small girl.

Chocolate real name Vimbai Muzuva
Chocolate real name Vimbai Muzuva

“I can bring you some of my pictures when I was young for you to understand what I mean. I turn heads with my body and that has been always the case.

“Personally, I am not worried about what the so called competitors say or whoever talks negative about me. I am only worried about my career which is to entertain people.

“Most men even wish to see me off the stage.”

The dancer, who spent more than six months in China last year, is part of the much-talked about ‘Twerking Night’ to be held at Private Lounge on May 19.

She joins fellow dancers Beverly Sibanda, Mixxy and Zoey at this show expected to bring activity in the capital.

“Yes I am part of the Twerking Night at Private Lounge on Thursday and I am really ready to twerk. I will not talk much about that but people should only come and see for themselves.

“The face of entertainment when it comes to dancing will be revealed on Thursday. As I have been always saying, I am not concerned about others’ acts but simply mine.

“In China I was working in top clubs and I am using the experience I gained there here back home,” she added.

Asked about her competitors, she said, “That is for the audience to judge but I know I am the best. Just come to Private Lounge on May 19 and see for yourself.” H Metro