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I’m too busy to marry: Wicknell

He drives the latest vehicles and runs successful businesses, but philanthropist and flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo says he is too busy to settle down and start a family of his own.

Flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo
Flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo

Chivayo, who is the only son in a family of seven and has a prominent online presence, told the Daily News on Sunday that he doesn’t want to inconvenience anyone with his busy schedules nor does he want to be interfered with.

“I am in my mid-thirties, unmarried and focused on my achievements as a Zimbabwean businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist,” he said.

The maverick bachelor lives a jet-set life and constantly flies almost everywhere and runs a business portfolio that spans energy development, investment consultancy and venture capital.

He recently made his presence felt in the country when he partnered with the Philip Chiyangwa-led Zimbabwe Football Association to boost local soccer through a three-year $1 million sponsorship deal.

With many business people his age — and with lesser deep pockets — making headlines on the bedsheets instead of the balance sheets, Chivayo believes he is yet to achieve success but has a lot to offer to the Zimbabwean economy before he gets married.

“Success is relative to desire, targets and aspirations. For your information I don’t even consider myself a success yet because I haven’t reached the pinnacles I plan to reach. I concede that I have done reasonably well and am well on path to success but I will only consider myself a success when I have achieved the high standards that I have set for myself,” he said.

“But the reason for my modest achievements to date is focus, vision, hard work, commitment and teamwork. These are not secrets but basic business principles that anyone can apply consistently and faithfully in order to succeed in life and business, Chivayo added.

For a man who has more followers on social media — Twitter and Facebook — than in real life, Chivayo surprised and won the hearts of many when he donated R100 000 to South African based comedian Pepukai Zhemhari — popularly known as Baba Tenson.

“I’m still in the US for a while so I decided not to keep Baba Tenson waiting. He deserves his gratuity for making me laugh all the time. Thank you Baba Tenson… Hapana zvavangatiite … Best wishes from Sir,” Chivayo wrote on his Facebook page after posting pictures of the transaction.

The Intratrek managing director recently clinched multimillion energy deals to build solar, thermal and hydro power stations in Gwayi, Munyati and Gairezi.

Chivayo is, however, not satisfied with what he has achieved and continues to push himself to achieve more in the coming few years.

“I see myself having significantly achieved my dream of creating a business empire that captures the imagination of ordinary Zimbabweans by delivering value into their homes through the energy value chain. I see myself as a pathfinder and pioneer in showing young Zimbabweans that Zimbabwe is a land ripe with opportunity and these opportunities are real and available,” he said. Daily News