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Bid to steal Magaya ‘miracle’

By Arron Nyamayaro

Social Media claims that the Rusape man healed by Prophet Walter Magaya was healed by Pastor Chris and Pastor Kayanja of Uganda have shocked PHD congregants.

Before and After: Garikai Zindi seen here with Prophet Walter Magaya
Before and After: Garikai Zindi seen here with Prophet Walter Magaya

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries members were startled to find photographs of Garikayi, in rags, being shaved and dressed were downloaded from PHD ministries Facebook page and the follower of Pastor Chris, Erebari Naagbi claimed Garikayi had miraculously been healed after he picked a Rhapsody on a garbage dump describing it as beyond medical knowledge.

“Pst Kris wrote: A mad man picked up a Rhapsody on a garbage dump he opened it and read. He miraculously got healed. How can this mind fathom. It is naturally impossible. This is beyond medical knowledge. It is divine night of bliss. Pastor Chris,” wrote Erebari posted on the 9th of February.

Sirius Black of Uganda wrote: “See how Pastor Kayanja transformed this mad man into a responsible person in the name of Jesus. Type Amen if you believe in God.”

Prophet Magaya addressing PHD prayer partners and visitors at a church service yesterday, challenged his followers to open their eyes to see how God is doing mightier things among them.

Garikayi Zindi was brought to Prophet Magaya by one of his followers after he found him stuck on his vehicle and tried to scare him by throwing his ‘anointed bracelet’ in Rusape. Garikayi has since been reunited with his family and Prophet Magaya along with PHD partners bought a house for him.

Recently Prophet Magaya saw another mad man in Bulawayo after he was caught feeding from a bin near ZITF where prophet Magaya was ministering to PHD prayer partners. Magaya lamented those failing to receive their healing after visiting his base for hardening their hearts and doubting the power of God.

“How I long to see Zimbabweans being delivered from all ailments and bondages failing to make them proper, it is my prayer that all be saved but God’s love is being talked and received by those in faraway places with lies, ” said Magaya.

It is the condition of your heart that is failing most of you to receive your healing and this is hindering success for most of you who came here a long time ago. Look at this, your testimonies are being stolen by other people, Garikayi Zindi wamakagara naye muno ari kunyeperwa kuti akaponeswa kwaPastor Chris na Pastor kayanja wekuUganda.

“In most cases I have passed people’s faith to heal them and in cases like mad people no faith is required from the insane to receive their healing.

“As for you who are now church members, come for teachings and benefit from what I am teaching you this will lead to your salvation not taking this ministry as a hospital where people are admitted and discharged,” said Magaya.

Magaya is taking PHD prayer partners and visitors through teachings and counselling sessions in his effort to grow the ministry spiritually.

“After discovering that people are failing to receive their healing, I started putting my teachings in books and some are benefiting,” said Magaya.

“Many have witnessed great miracles here but the condition of the heart is hard. It needs a lot of counselling and teachings and this is what I am doing to PHD prayer partners who have grasped the vision and are ever supporting the ministry.

“I am taking them through some teachings along with visitors from neighbouring countries and this is helping them much while some visit here for miracles only.

“A member needs knowledge, wisdom, good friends, mentorship and guidance both naturally and prophetically and anointing and this helps better his condition of heart to receive healing,” said Magaya. H Metro