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ZSE boss files counter suit against wife

By Tarisai Machakaire

HARARE – Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive Alban Dhladhla Chirume yesterday laid counter charges of physical abuse against his estranged wife Susan Mutangadura,  the chairperson of the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IoDZ).

Alban Chirume
Alban Chirume

Chirume and Mutangadura’s domestic dispute spilled into the courts after a clash at their Borrowdale home in which the IDZ boss accused her husband of battering her.

Mutangadura denied the assault charges before Harare magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta.

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She claimed that Chirume wanted to frustrate proceedings that are pending in another court in which he is the accused person.

Mutangadura claimed that she acted in self defence and was the victim of relentless physical abuse.

“I don’t understand what the accused person claims she was defending herself from because she is the one who came to the property that I own with my late wife and fought me,” Chirume said.

“She is the one who hit me on the head, punched my eyes and privates shouting obscene words.

“The accused person is a very violent person when it comes to break-ups and in the past I would resort to holding her until she calmed down.”

Chirume said he did not understand how Mutangadura, a seasoned lawyer of 23 years and traditional woman, did not either approach the police or engage her aunt.

She allegedly climbed over the perimeter walls to fight him, Chirume claimed.

The trial continues on February 1.

Prosecutor Richard Makondo alleged that on January 3 this year, Chirume was at his residence when the IoDZ boss arrived and parked her car outside the premises.

Mutangadura allegedly climbed over the precast wall trying to get into the yard.

Chirume’s security guard noticed Mutangadura and rushed to inform his boss, the court heard.

Chirume reportedly rushed to the scene and pulled Mutangadura’s legs to prevent her from entering.

This did not help, the court heard, as Mutangadura allegedly turned violent and started punching Chirume.

According to State papers, Mutangadura bit Chirume on his arms and attacked him on his private parts shouting that he did not have “balls”.

Mutangadura further broke a stick and tried to poke out Chirume’s eyes, the court heard.

Their neighbours, only identified as Mr and Mrs Chigodora, rushed to the scene and tried to calm the couple down.

A suggestion was made for Mutangadura to spend the night at the Chigodoras or sleep at a city hotel before resolving their issues.

Mutangadura then reported physical abuse against Chirume to the police before he also pressed counter charges. Daily News